Couple Delivers Baby at the Same Chipotle Where They Met — Then Have a Burrito-Themed Shower

Adrianna Alvarez seems to have a special connection to a certain Chipotle restaurant near her home in Centennial, Colorado.

Not only did she meet her husband, Saul Flores, while working there, but she also happened to deliver her baby in the restaurant’s parking lot after being unable to make it to the hospital in time!

Alvarez told TODAY that she went into labor with her fourth child on April 10th, and that by the time she and Flores got into the car, the contractions were coming hard and fast.

“When we got in the car, my water broke,” Alvarez explained to TODAY. “We looked at each other and he started to drive off … but it wasn’t long before I started telling him we were not going to make it and I could feel the baby coming.”

Flores called 911, where dispatcher Angie Schell advised them to immediately pull over. She walked the couple through the delivery and minutes later at 9:11 a.m., baby Jaden was born in the car at the Centennial Chipotle parking lot. It was a blessed event that just so happened to take place in a memorable location for the couple.

Recently, the entire family was surprised yet again — with an epic burrito-themed baby shower put on by the Chipotle restaurant! Needless to say, they went all out.

Alvarez was told that she would be going to the restaurant to meet Schell for the first time since the delivery … and they had a wonderful reunion.

Adrianna Alvarez
Image Source: Cody Sowa

However, Alvarez was also undoubtedly shocked at the amazing display that accompanied her! The shower was, of course, baby- and burrito-themed. The cake was topped with a very realistic-looking sugar burrito (halfway wrapped in foil).

burrito cake
Image Source: Cody Sowa

There were also cupcakes topped with mini burritos!

A letterboard sign next to the cake read, “Congrats on your little burrito.”

congrats sign
Image Source: Cody Sowa

Even baby Jaden sported his own little Chipotle shirt at the shower (and a full head of beautiful dark hair)!

baby at Chipotle
Image Source: Cody Sowa

Quinn Kelsey, public relations manager for Chipotle, tells Babble that they were happy to be able to put on the shower for this family.

“At Chipotle we are always looking to make our customers happy by going above and beyond and just being real,” Kelsey explains. “We do that daily for our customers through the real and delicious food we serve, but sometimes this goes beyond the restaurant itself — in this case literally! When we heard about baby Jaden who was born in our parking lot, and the amazing teamwork between the family and the dispatcher, we were so excited for the opportunity to do something special for them. We hope they enjoyed their Chipotle-themed baby shower as much as we enjoyed throwing it for them.”

Being no big fan of baby showers myself, I am definitely a fan of this one. After all, what could be better than burritos AND cake?!

It certainly is an incredible birth story as well — and I’m sure Jaden’s parents will get a big kick out of telling him all about it someday.

h/t: TODAY

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