This Couple’s “Surprise Adoption” Video Will Make You Cry All the Tears

Excitement. Shock. Awe. Total and utter speechlessness.

These are just some of the many reactions Banks and Lacy Farris received when introducing their newly-adopted infant daughter to family recently. They showed up on doorsteps, walked into homes, and even interrupted a night out at dinner — all to reveal one big surprise: a new baby girl in their arms.

The Farris’ caught the priceless reactions on camera, and compiled them all in a recently-uploaded YouTube video titled, “Surprise Adoption,” which to date, has been viewed over 24,000 times.

As the couple told Baby Center, they struggled with infertility as well as infant loss for years before turning to adoption. Their daughter Poppy was delivered at just 20 weeks gestation, before she sadly passed away. And while they were ecstatic to be matched with an expectant mom soon after looking into adoption, that too wouldn’t come to pass. The mother later decided against adoption, and instead chose to parent her baby.

One devastating loss after the next seemed to plague the couple until finally, Finley arrived. The couple kept the match with her birth mother a secret until right after the baby’s birth — which is precisely when they decided to parade her around happily to everyone they knew.

“After struggling with infertility and a previous failed adoption, we decided that if we were to ever be successful with adopting a baby, we would not tell anyone until we showed up with her in our arms,” the couple explains in the YouTube video’s description. “It also makes it that much more of a surprise because we are live in California and our families are in Alabama, Tennessee and Arizona.”

The reactions of each friend and family member are nothing short of priceless. Many just stood with their mouths gaping open. Others rushed into Lacey’s arms. Some just stared in bewilderment at Finley, their hands over their mouths. One woman can be seen exclaiming, “What? What?” and falling to the floor.

As a mom by adoption myself, there is nothing more exhilarating and more beautiful than surprising family members with the arrival of a new baby — especially after years of waiting, excruciating losses, and a roller coaster of emotions. The adoption process is anything but smooth, and there are so many uncertainties, road blocks, and changes in plans along the way.

Like the Farris’, we kept our first two adoption matches a secret from our family members until we had our babies in our arms. And the phone calls we made and the overnighted photo cards brought on reactions similar to those seen in the video — one more amazing than the next.

In the end, what Banks and Lacey’s video proves most is that love is love; and no matter how a child comes into a family, every child should be anticipated, celebrated, and forever cherished.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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