Toddler and Pup Can’t Contain Their Excitement When Dad Comes Home

When I was little, I remember vividly how excited I would get waiting in the window for my dad to come home. He was (and still is) a firefighter, and would work for 24 hours at a time. When he was away, my mom would go a bit lax on the rules (fish sticks in front of the TV followed by three kids piling into the bed with her).

It was fun, but when you’re little you always want the parent you don’t currently have. And the anticipation of waiting for dad’s pick-up truck to pull into the driveway, for him to scoop me up into his arms and ask me about my day, and finally when it was time for him to give me a bath and read to me before bed … well, it was almost too much for my little self to take.

It’s a memory I hold on to even now that I’m an adult, one I’ll carry with me until I am the one coming home to anxious kids someday. And clearly I am not alone, as every child (and pet) can relate to that feeling of suspense and excitement — as perfectly encapsulated in the video above.

YouTube user Natalie G uploaded the insanely sweet 36-second clip of her toddler and pup freaking out as dad’s car pulls into the driveway. Screeching and knocking on the glass door, they just can’t contain themselves. And who can blame them? Dad’s home!

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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