Dad Picks Up His Son from School Dressed as Michael Phelps — and Wins the Internet

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a really embarrassing video worth?

If you’ve ever been that parent who takes pleasure in embarrassing your kid, you’re going to want to give some major Internet high-fives to this dad. He surprised his son after school in a rather … shall we say unconventional outfit. Actually, I’m not sure this get-up meets the threshold of “outfit.”

Dad Justin Beadles told KOCO 5 News that he wanted to surprise his son on the last day of school in a special way, and thought it would be funny if “Michael Phelps” picked him up. Well, that it was! Beadles shared the video on Facebook, which has gone viral with over 18M views, 234K shares, and 53K likes.

Beadles hilariously captioned the video, “Dad, will you pick me up from school?”

Oh yes. Dad will.

Beadles showed up at his son’s school in a speedo, a swim cap, and a couple of medals swinging from his neck. The medals made a nice clanging noise, announcing his presence as he trotted up to his son, embracing him in only a way that a dad who is jockeying for “Most Embarrassing Parent of the Year” can do.

I have to say — while this dad has perfected the art of teen mortification, the young man in question seemed to take things well in stride.

I mean … what else are you going to do when your dad pulls this kind of stunt besides wish for the ground to open and swallow you whole?

I have to wonder if this teen did something bad to deserve this ambush, but while we’re guessing, this video sure is fun to watch.

Maybe you’re now inspired to plot what grand thing you’re going to do to embarrass your teen or tween. (Hint: showing up at school in your bathing suit and making a “look at me” entrance will probably do the trick.) Perhaps you’re having flashbacks to whatever cringeworthy thing your parents did to embarrass you back in the day. Or maybe you’re just counting your blessings that your dad didn’t show up at your school in his teeny tiny bikini bottoms.

Whatever this video makes you feel, it’s impossible not to laugh.

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