Surreal Photo Shows Dad Mowing Lawn Despite Looming Tornado

dad mowing lawn in tornado
Image Source: Cecilia Wessels

Cecilia Wessels of Alberta, Canada snapped this incredible photo last Friday of her husband Theunis (who she calls “the Chuck Norris of lawn mowers”) continuing to mow the lawn while a tornado loomed in the background — and frankly, we did a double take.

Wessels took to Facebook, posting the photo with the caption, “My beast mowing the lawn with a breeze in his hair.” And it’s gone viral, receiving over 3K shares. One commenter asked the very question a lot of people probably had — whether this was Photoshopped or real — to which she responded, “Real, my dear.”

What in the world?!

She told BBC News that their 9-year-old daughter first noticed her dad outside mowing the lawn during the tornado. When Wessels went to check on him, he was unruffled and simply told her, “Everything is okay.”

“Seeing him out there didn’t faze me,” Wessels tells Babble. “I know him to be a man of good judgment and he looked calm and in control, so I was actually way more fascinated with the tornado. Seeing that for the first time was exhilarating and beautiful. Tornadoes are beautiful and fearful all rolled into one.”

So, she got out her camera. Turns out, as she told BBC News, her husband actually knows a thing or two about tornadoes, and determined it was headed away from them.

Wessels tells Babble, “He saw the tornado form in the distance when he started mowing the lawn, and kept tracking it as it moved eastward past us about 2-3 km away.”

The tornado was gone in less than five minutes, Wessels told BBC.

But of course, the image will last forever — as viral images do. Cheers to this unflappable dad!

h/t: BBC News

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