Mom Asks Dad to “Just Put the Baby to Bed” After She Falls Asleep in the Car — and He Takes Her Literally

There have been many a brilliant parenting hack over the years. There was that dad who figured out how to answer the dreaded “What’s for dinner?” question by repurposing an old See n’ Say. And the babysitter who turned her pants into a DIY baby carrier just so she could make a sandwich. And now, Twitter has made one dad’s hilarious tactical effort to keep his baby asleep into the world’s newest viral parenting hack. (Well, sort of.)

In a now-viral tweet that has parents everywhere LOLing, Nashville mom Melvin Doo shared a photo she snapped of her young daughter London asleep in bed — while still strapped into her car seat.

“Aaron came in the house with London asleep in her car seat and I told him to ‘Just put her in the bed,'” the caption explains. “He did exactly that.”


In the image, her sweet little toddler can be seen sleeping soundly, still buckled into her car seat and lovingly tucked into bed under a blanket. I’ll be honest, I took one look at this photo and immediately cracked up, because OMG.

Doo tells Babble that her partner had come home from his mom’s house with their daughter when she made the fateful request to “just put her to bed.”

“I should have been more specific!” Doo says now, with a laugh.

As you might imagine, Doo took one look at the situation and had some questions.

“I actually don’t know what he was thinking!” Doo admits to Babble. “I asked him ‘Dude, really?’ He said ‘What?!'”

In a follow-up tweet to her photo, Doo shares that her partner’s response was simply, “I ain’t ’bout to to wake that girl up!”

Honestly? That’s a smart man. Any parent can tell you that hell hath no fury like a toddler that was just awoken against their will.

Some of my most stressful moments in mothering over the last decade have included those dreaded long drives home from the grocery store or Grammy’s house, when the kids fell asleep and I was forced to wake them up while finagling them from their car seat to their beds. So, hey — maybe this dad is onto something after all!

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