Dad Goes out for Night-Time Scented Pads, Comes Home a Viral Sensation

I was blessed with many things. One of which was a father with no shame who thought nothing of picking up tampons, Midol, and a Snickers bar on his way home from Home Depot — once a month for nearly a decade. Yeah, he’s a pretty top-notch guy.

And so is one dad from Bedfordshire, UK who recently went out for pads for his daughter … and came home a viral sensation.

When Tia Savva’s dad found himself at a local Tesco grocery store looking for just the right kind of “sanitary towels” for his daughter, he became slightly panicked. What kind does she like? What is the difference between all of these packages? And why, for the love of God, are they so expensive??

Thankfully, his daughter was only a text away. And luckily for us, she screenshot the whole conversation and put it up on Facebook.

Read how the whole thing went down for a good chuckle:

I’m in Tescos, where are they?

TIA: They’re by all the deotorants and shampoos


DAD: Found them

DAD: Which ones do you want?

TIA: Always

DAD: Always what??

TIA: No, they’re called Always

DAD: Oh seen

DAD: What in the f*ck!!

DAD: £3.50???

DAD: Now what there’s hundreds of them

TIA: Calm down

DAD: This woman’s looking at me weird hurry up

TIA: I need the night time ones, should be purple packaging. Scented with wings please

DAD: Wtf are wings

DAD: How will I know if they’re scented will I have to smell them

TIA: It will say so on the packet, chill out

DAD: Ok cause smelling them would have been weird wouldn’t it

DAD: Do you need any creams

TIA: What in the f*ck

TIA: Why would I need creams??

DAD: Because I thought you ladies needed creams for after

TIA: Omg

TIA: Just pick htem up and come home


DAD: Satan needs feeding

DAD: I’ll bring you choc


The post currently has over 13,000 shares on Facebook, with women all over the world shaking their heads and wondering, “What the heck does he think we’re doing with creams??”

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