Husband Shocks His Wife When He Tells Her She’s Pregnant with Their Fourth — Months After He Got a Vasectomy

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A dad from Atlanta, Georgia is making headlines this week for reasons he never could have expected: His wife is pregnant again for the fourth time — eight months after he had a vasectomy. (Oops.) And that’s not all: He’s the one who broke the pregnancy news.

Tim Brummel says he was shocked – but not disappointed – when he recently found out that his wife Rachel was pregnant pregnant again. According to People magazine, the dad of three (and soon-to-be four) had a vasectomy procedure done five months prior to first learning about his wife’s fourth pregnancy. But he figured something might be up once he noticed Rachel experiencing a few “familiar” symptoms — like being nauseous, tired, and a bit more hungry and restless than usual.

While the couple joked about Rachel possibly being pregnant, it wasn’t long before a few things started to fit into place for Tim …

As he told People, Tim never actually followed up with his doctor for his post-vasectomy checkup, nor did his doctor’s office call him with results. So when he recently gave his doctor a ring to be sure things had gone smoothly — he was floored to learn he hadn’t been successfully “snipped” after all.

In other words: The chances that all of Rachel’s new symptoms were in fact due to a pregnancy were suddenly very plausible.

And that’s where this story takes yet another turn. Tim got an idea — a pretty big one. He was going to somehow find out if she was pregnant without her knowing, so he could be the one to break the happy news.

As Tim later told People Magazine:

“How many guys get the chance to tell their wife she is pregnant? I wanted to surprise her! I turned off the toilet water in the middle of the night and flushed so there was no water in it. And the test came back positive!”

And so, Tim embarked on the second-half of his brilliant plan: Surprising Rachel with a positive pregnancy test, and filming her reaction. The resulting video, which now has well over 230,000 views on YouTube, is definitely priceless.

As for how friends and family reacted when they finally saw the video?

“They were are very surprised and thought it was great,” Tim tells Babble. “They blew up my phone. And that’s something unique, because we have had so many pregnancy announcements in my family. Between me and my siblings there are 12 grandkids, ages 4 and under. And one will be born tomorrow. She happens to be the first biological girl, too!”

As for the Brummel’s next bundle o’ joy, though, they’re expecting a fourth boy to add to their brood — and he’s due March 2017, Tim tells Babble.

And if you’re wondering why the Brummel’s aren’t miffed about the whole “failed vasectomy” thing in the least, Tim says that’s because they hadn’t entirely taken the possibility of having more kids off the table. “We wanted more kids anyways,” explains Tim. “We just thought they would be adopted.” (So yeah — if this had to happen to any couple out there, I’m pretty sure the Brummel’s were the perfect one.)

“We’re definitely not upset, we had wanted to grow our family through adoption anyway,” Tim told People. “It’s a little unprofessional [of the clinic] not to let us know, but those [procedures] aren’t perfect, so I don’t fault them for not working.”

He’s right — not all vasectomies performed are guaranteed to keep your man’s Olympic swimmers from getting the gold. (Trust me, I did plenty of research before my husband got his own.) But on that same token, not every form of birth control is 100% effective, either. (I mean, remember when Ross impregnated Rachel on “Friends,” despite loudly declaring “but we used condoms!”?) You know; as they say, sometimes even the best laid plans go awry.

That, or some swimmers just don’t want to settle for the bronze medal.

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