Dad Turns His Baby Into a Real-Life Leprechaun, Wins St. Paddy’s Day

Alan Lawrence is many things: An art director, web designer, popular dad blogger, skilled photographer … and perhaps first and foremost, a devoted father of six.

He’s also kind of a big deal.

In case you missed it, Lawrence went viral last December for turning his then-4-month-old son Rockwell into a real-life Elf on the Shelf — with hilarious results:

And the proud papa, who goes by @thatdadblog on Instagram, is now making the viral rounds yet again — this time for turning Rockwell into a real-life leprechaun, in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.

And man, is it adorable:

Here he is debating one of life’s biggest conundrums: broccoli spear or candy cane? (For the record, it appears that the broccoli spear is winning.)

And here he is helping out with the laundry … though unfortunately, there seems to have been a little mix-up with the detergent.

Actually, as it turns out, the adorable little leprechaun that’s taken over the Lawrence house is pretty mischievous.

So far, he’s turned the dog green …

… and even painted the house green.

But with that cute little face, who could stay mad?

Lawrence is also pretty well-known for the stunning photos he takes of his older son, Wil, who can often be seen “flying through the air” in many photos that pop up on Lawrence’s Instagram feed.

These magical images are more than just for fun, though — as Lawrence explains on his blog, Wil has Down syndrome, and the photos he’s featured in are a way for the family to honor him, while also raising awareness about the genetic disorder. In fact, a calendar of Will’s greatest adventures can be purchased on WilCanFly.com, with all proceeds benefitting the Down Syndrome foundations Reece’s Rainbow and Ruby’s Rainbow.

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