After Losing Her Litter, Heartbroken Dog Works Through Her Grief By Nursing Orphaned Pups

Image source: Jessica Woodruff

This sweet dog, Daisy Woodruff of Roseburg, OR, is living proof that even out of the darkest of situations light can be found.

Daisy had just given birth when the unthinkable happened — she lost all seven of her newborn puppies. Her owner, Jessica Woodruff, tells Babble:

“On February 20th, we lost our barn, 7 pups, 4 goats and 1 pig to a fire. We had a nice bed made for Daisy to have her pups inside but she found her own spot down at the barn. We noticed the fire and it was too late. The barn was completely engulfed.”

Image source: Jessica Woodruff

Any animal lover (or living person with a soul) would be heartbroken to hear of Daisy’s story. Woodruff continues, “Daisy wandered the 80+ acres lost, sad, and confused,” as any mother who had just lost her babies would be. Woodruff’s heart ached for her beloved dog of two years, whom she had gotten as a gift for her son’s birthday. She knew she had to do something to help, saying,  “As a mother, I couldn’t fathom her loss. My first thought was to get her a foster pup or pups. The search was on.”

Woodruff and her sister posted their story and a plea for help on a local Facebook page to start the search for temporary foster puppies. After that initial post, the ball really started rolling.

“A local radio host had seen the post … from there KPIC came out and did a story. This is where the owner of the orphan pups heard our search. She contacted me and brought the 8 foster pups the next day,” Woodruff explains.

Image source: Jessica Woodruff

Thanks to the spreading of this story, Woodruff was contacted by Lorna Murphy, whose dog of five years, Chloe, died shortly after giving birth, leaving her eight puppies orphaned. Murphy told Buzzfeed she felt the situation was “fate.”

The encounter with the orphaned puppies completely changed Daisy’s countenance. Woodruff notes, “Daisy was in heaven! It was so amazing to see the change. She had purpose again. She laid down to feed them, cleaned them, and even protects them.”

Image source: Jessica Woodruff

While the Woodruff family won’t be keeping the foster puppies (with the exception of the runt, who will be gifted to their grandparents), they are so thankful to them for helping bring Daisy out of her grief.

Woodruff says, “Without a doubt, these foster pups have helped her. To see the change in her is truly God sent. We have our Daisy dog back.”

h/t: Buzzfeed

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