Parents-to-Be Bring Fruit and Veggie Comparisons to Life in Pregnancy Time Lapse Video

It seems like just about everyone uses the apps that show you the size of your growing baby — in fruit and veggie form. Is your baby a pomegranate seed, an orange, or (my favorite) an eggplant?

Well one dad, Danny Bortfeld, took it to the next level by creating a pregnancy time lapse video. On the left, you see mom-to-be Marlen Losch as her bump grows, and on the right is Bortfeld presenting fruits and vegetables that correspond to the baby’s size.

Pretty genius, if you ask me … and the rest of the Internet! Yesterday, Pretty 52 shared Bortfeld’s video on their Facebook page, and it’s already received over 600K views, 10K likes, and 1K shares.

The video starts with what looks like a chia or poppy seed at week three, later followed by a raspberry, and finally a watermelon at week 40. The slideshow concludes with an adorable pic of the mom, dad, and baby Luna’s hands on top of one another. What a cute little family!

Oh, but there’s more. The video is accompanied by … a remix of the Jurassic Park theme song. I can’t think of a more epic tune.

Judging by the many comments on Pretty 52’s Facebook page, I’m not alone.

One user writes, “Are we just gonna ignore that the Jurassic Park theme is playing in the background?!” While another comments, “WHERE’S THE T-REX!?!?!?”

I’ll admit that some of the 1K comments are almost as entertaining as the video. Take one who writes, “Aw this is really good! Apart from the last fruit. How on earth does something the size of a watermelon fit inside you, never mind come out!!!!” Exactly!

It’s easy to see that this couple’s video is making people smile, learn, and laugh. Well done!

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