This Mom’s Face When She Discovers She Just Had a Boy Is Priceless

Second-time mom Dara Crouch was pretty sure she was having a girl. She and her husband hadn’t found out the gender of their unborn baby — but, as she told PopSugar, there had never been a boy born on her side of the family in 50 years.

So you can imagine her surprise at the moment she found out she was about to have a son. Well, scratch that — these photos say it all!

mom having baby
Image Source: Neely Ker-Fox of Ker-Fox Photography

Crouch hadn’t considered the real possibility of having a boy until just a few moments before he was born. “I started freaking out because I had never been around a little boy and didn’t know much about raising one,” she told PopSugar. “When my midwife Melissa held him up, I was in complete shock.”

Both startling and unique, these photos totally capture the surprise and joy of a mom who just realized her life has changed, irrevocably. We don’t often get those moments on camera — but when we do, it’s everything. For that, all kudos goes to photographer Neely Ker-Fox.

Ker-Fox said she was especially moved herself, as she witnessed the raw emotion of the birth.

“When Dara looked over at me and I captured this reaction, knowing the innocent and very real worries we have when our second child comes into the world (boy or girl), I busted into tears behind the camera,” she told PopSugar. “All of that anxiety and worry vanished in [the] blink of an eye.”

Well said. And now that the shock has worn off, we’re sure that Dara Crouch and her new little boy have many love-filled days ahead of them. Congratulations to the entire family!

h/t: PopSugar

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