Daughter Shares Dad’s Adorable Old Lunch Note

Image source: Reddit/ krogs
Image source: Reddit/ krogs

Is there really anything a kid loves more than lunch? (Well, besides recess.) We can still remember running out of the classroom, finding our friends at our table, and tearing open our lunch boxes to find not just our favorite snack but — bonus! — a fun note from mom or dad. Man, we could really go for some Dungaroos and a Capri Sun right about now.

Maybe you leave your kids a fun message too, passing on a sweet tradition that’s too good to lose over the generations. Because like kisses at drop-off and “best mom ever” mugs, one day your kids might be too cool for those notes, so you have to savor it while you can.

But one woman proved this week that some of us are never too old for a handwritten note from mom and dad. Reddit user krogs had us feeling all sorts of nostalgic when she shared a photo of a note her dad once left in her lunchbox when she was little. Now 31, she keeps the note on her fridge all these years later:

“Dear Katie,

Guess how to spell the name of the sandwich I put in your lunch box today:
– Below knee
– Blowney
* Bologna
– Baloonee

Then guess how much I love you: THIS MUCH. Have a great day.


Does it get any cuter? We think not.

Article Posted 2 years Ago

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