Babies Are in Desperate Need of Diapers in Texas — and Here’s How You Can Help

Children’s diapers stacked in a piles in the child room.

In times of crisis and natural disaster, donations usually come flooding in, proving that humanity and kindness are not in fact lost. Food, water, shelters, medical aid, and clothing are all necessities to survival, and each of them are pouring into Texas right now at rapid speeds. But if you’ve ever been a parent to babies or toddlers, you know that there are more essentials on that list, one of which is diapers.

I can vividly remember the time a friend posted on Facebook that she was out of diapers a few years ago, when we were right in the middle of a severe blizzard. There was a wall of snow outside her front door and she was stuck inside with three small children. Thankfully, a kind neighbor trudged through several feet of snow to bring her some or else she’d have gone without. This is the reality for so many in the flooded areas of Texas right now. Disaster relief may bring water and food, but families with babies need more than that.

Thankfully, the Texas Diaper Bank of San Antonio is filling in the gaps and helping in ways other disaster relief aid cannot. Their Facebook page states that they are accepting any brand of diapers, from newborn to adult-sized, as well as Pull-Ups, formula, and wipes. Also, opened packs of diapers are acceptable — they should be clean and sealed in a bag with the size clearly labeled. Texas Diaper Bank is asking that no one sends cloth diapers, as the means to wash them are unavailable at this time. Also, displaced families are in desperate need of items such as breast-pumps, pump parts, bottles, clothes, blankets, and small toys.

The address for shipping donations is listed on the diaper bank’s website, as well as other ways to help — including how to donate online, via Amazon wish list, and how to host your own diaper drive. If you’re looking to donate to where the greatest needs are, the Texas Diaper Bank’s Facebook page explains that, “monetary donations are preferred as we are able to purchase diapers from manufacturers at a cheaper price than you would at a retail store.” However, if you have diapers to send or would prefer to go that route, their highest need is “larger size diapers, pull-ups, and adult-sized diapers,” but they are accepting all types and sizes.

Texas Diaper Bank also is in need of volunteers, so if you live locally, you can check out their Facebook page for information on that too. They also state on their page that 100 percent of donations made via Texas Diaper Bank are currently being channeled directly to displaced Texas families in need after Hurricane Harvey, so if you donate here, you can count on your generosity reaching families who need it.

As a mother who has raised three babies, I cannot fathom what the families of Texas are facing. Having to leave your home, your child’s crib, all of his clothing, toys, your stored breast milk, running out of formula, diapers, wipes — it’s unimaginable. Thankfully organizations like the Texas Diaper Bank are doing their best to get the necessities to these families. If you can help them do so, please click here to make a donation or volunteer.

To the people of Texas: We love you. We are here for you. We are wrapping our arms around you and we will help you weather this storm. Love, the rest of America.

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