How These “Extra” Parents Create Magical Worlds for Their Daughter Without Leaving the House

Most Extra Parents is a new video series from Babble, profiling parents from around the world who go the “extra” mile for their kids, in every sense of the word. This week, we’re spotlighting the Coram family, from Las Vegas, Nevada, who take millennial parenting to the next level.

No one ever said parenting was easy (and if they did, they were lying). But if there’s one thing that unites moms and dads everywhere, it’s the desire to bring their kids happiness. And perhaps few parents have gone to the lengths that Lyle and Shannon Coram have when it comes to entertaining their daughter, Shelby.

Using some creative lighting, a few well-paced screens, and an AtmosFX digital projector, the Corams regularly transform rooms of their home into “magical worlds” for Shelby, bringing some of her favorite stories to life and encouraging her to embrace that child-like sense of wonder all of us have within us.

The Corams sit on the couch, watching a show on a digital projector.

Most of the handiwork is done by Lyle, whose creative thinking is what inspired the idea in the first place.

“He’s like Peter Pan,” says Shannon. “He never really grew up, and he always likes to have fun.”

And oh, what fun it is …

By placing portable projection screens outside the home and rigging up a digital projector, Lyle can bring prehistoric dinosaurs right into the Coram’s living room …

Shelby watches a ferocious dinosaur attack on her living room wall, thanks to a digital projector her dad set up.

… or create a magical fireworks display in Shelby’s room, as if she were instantly transported to Disneyland. (SO JEALOUS!)

enchanted world projectors

Growing up, Lyle says his own father always challenged him to use his creativity to build things — and it’s clearly something he’s carried with him into fatherhood.

“My love of creating things comes from my time with my dad,” Lyle shares. “He’d buy me motors and gears and say ‘make something,’ and he’d just let me try it and I’d have to come back with something finished.”

That early life lesson, of always embracing your creative side no matter how old you are, is something both the Corams hope to pass on to their daughter. And it sounds like so far, it’s certainly working.

“Sometimes I like to think in here and I imagine that I’m like one of those princesses in the castle,” says Shelby, of the fireworks show she often watches on the ceiling of her room. “Sometimes you can tell it’s magical.”

enchanted world projectors

See? Childhood dreams can come true — sometimes, all you need is a little extra imagination. (Okay, and a projector.)

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