This Pint-Sized Dinosaur Expert Is Hands-Down the Cutest Thing We’ve Ever Seen in Our Lives

Be still our hearts we cannot handle the cuteness.

In a video titled “Dinosaurs According to Noel” uploaded by Scottish mom Laura Hopkins, 2-year-old Noel is quizzed on his dinosaurs and let’s just say he nails it. From Triceratops to T-Rex, he’s got them all down pat. But that’s not even the best part. After his mom goes through each breed, holding up miniature toy versions for reference and passing them to Noel, he thanks her individually for each one. We mean, seriously. The manners on this kid are even more impressive than his dinosaur knowledge!

The video was posted on May 3, 2016 but is just now going viral, four months later. It now has over 179k views and counting.

Now, if the little cutie looks familiar to you, that’s because he went viral earlier this year for drawing on a mirror with lipstick — and blaming it on Batman. The video charmed the whole of the Internet (and gave kids everywhere a new excuse to put in their back pockets).

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