Dogs Put Christmas Spirit into Their Mannequin Challenge

Dogs Put Christmas Spirit into Their Mannequin Challenge” originally appeared on ABC Owned Television Stations and was reprinted with permission.

These dogs just made the mannequin challenge a whole lot more festive.

Lava, a red merle border collie who’s gotten attention for her cool tricks before, did the challenge with a Christmas twist. Lava and her canine friends Lexi and Lizzy stayed impressively still while posed to look like they were in the middle of getting ready for Christmas.

Dog owners have discovered that man’s best friend is surprisingly good at the craze since it began dominating social media a few weeks ago. In particular one boxer named Boston went viral for his incredible knack for staying still in just about any position.

Meanwhile, humans continue to have fun with the challenge, with Taylor Swift and Amy Schumer each posting their own attempts on Thursday.

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