Teen Asks Friend’s Little Sister to Be His Date with Heartwarming, Doritos-Inspired Prom-posal

image source: Shaedon Wedel

When I was a teenager and prom rolled around, there weren’t such grand gestures to get a girl to say “yes.” Although, to be fair, social media hadn’t been invented yet. But still, every girl secretly harbored a desire to be whisked up in a romantic display of courtship.

It’s not every day that a girl gets swept off her feet, but one Newton, Kansas high school freshman is having her big moment. Carlie Wittman, who has Down syndrome, was the recent recipient of what has to be the cutest “promposal” the Internet has ever seen. Her brother’s best friend Shaedon Wedel, who Carlie has known for seven years, took a leap of faith and asked her to prom. And what happened next has lit up Twitter and the Internet.

OH EM GEE, her reaction is so darn sweet!

In the video, a very excited Carlie is seen running toward Shaedon as he approaches her with a rose and goofy t-shirt that reads, “I know I’m NACHO typical Dorito but …” on the front and as he turns around, the rest of the message reads, “I’m going to be CHEESY and ask: will you go to prom with me?”

Why Doritos? Shaedon tells KWCH TV that ever since he’s known her, Carlie’s been a big fan. What a special guy!

But he never thought it would go viral. “It was really neat to see all the positivity coming out of it,” he tells KWCH TV. “I didn’t do it for the publicity and stuff, I did it to make her happy. She deserves a lot.”

This isn’t the only promposal that’s swept the Internet. Kids have gone to some hilarious (if not extreme) lengths to get a date. Some teens have jumped out of airplanes, others have enlisted the help of politicians like Ted Cruz, and others have spent obscene amounts of money all in the hopes of going viral.

So, whatever happened to a simple invitation filled with awkward teen vibes? (Cue the John Cusack boombox over the head.) Not all invitations need to be Internet sensations to be meaningful. The moment of being asked, the ritual of getting ready for the big night, and the memories that unfold thereafter are a milestone of the teenage years.

And yet, there is something just so wonderfully sweet and sincere about this particular promposal that has touched the hearts of thousands. When Shaedon took to Twitter, posting a photo collage with the caption “Can’t wait for prom with this sweet gal,” it received an amazing response — including 112k retweets and 486k likes. Clearly people are swooning over this adorable gesture to make one lovely young girl feel very special.

We sure hope that Carlie and Shaedon have an absolutely lovely prom together. Here’s to more sweet promposals in the future that aren’t over-the-top and yet still manage to hit all the right notes of sweet and exciting.

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