Easter: Before Kids vs. After Kids 

Image Source: Thinkstock
Image Source: Thinkstock

Remember back when you were a kid, setting out the carrots and squirming in your bed in the hopes that an overgrown bunny would visit your home with an overstuffed basket of goodies? Yeah, me too. And then as I grew into a young adult, the holiday often coincided with mom’s baked ham, mimosas, and pretty new heels.

But Easter post-kids? A whole new adventure. Check it out … 

Leading up to Easter …

Before kids: Your mom starts hounding you about Easter mass and dinner … and meeting your new boyfriend. Oy. 

After kids: Your mom starts hounding you about the ham she’s making, the side dish aunt Jane is making, the cake grandma is baking, and what you’re bringing. Um, my kids?

Dyeing eggs …

Before kids: The closest you come to coloring eggs is getting a pastel mani/pedi.

After kids: Dyeing Easter eggs and dealing with little stained fingers for 16 days.

Easter photos …

Before kids: Wait, let me take a selfie with my pretty new coral lipstick on. 

After kids: Your kids are freaking out on the creepy mall bunny’s lap as the professional photographer tries to get a picture.

The perfect Easter basket …

Before kids: Score a wicker basket from Pottery Barn on clearance that will go great in your apartment as an impromptu shoe holder when guests comes over.

After kids: Ugh, where did I hide their baskets from last year/maybe I should just make a Dollar Store run for some new ones?

The night before …

Before kids: Drinks with friends before the obligatory family commitment tomorrow.

After kids: Whispering to your husband, “Are they freaking asleep yet? I’m so tired! We need to hide the eggs and baskets. And make dirt bunny prints. And nibble the carrots.”  

Easter morning …

Before kids: Sleep ’til 10 AM. Enjoy egg white omelets and mimosas with the girls before dinner with the fam.

After kids: Kids fighting over who found more eggs and you contemplating downing a bottle of champagne minus the OJ. Because your kids drank all the OJ.

Church on Easter …

Before kids: You go to the Holy Saturday service so you can sleep in on Sunday. Duh.

After kids: Standing in the crying room at church while your toddler throws Cheerios everywhere and your baby wails like her life depends on it. 

Easter outfit …

Before kids: Chic sheath dress and nude heels from Zara. 

After kids: It’s all about your baby’s bonnet and son’s bow-tie. You hunt for a dress that’s spit-up-free.

Easter dinner …

Before kids: A reason to drink wine and eat free food. And take said free food back to your apartment. 

After kids: There is SO MUCH homemade food and your kid wants dinosaur nuggets. 

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