Easter Fun for Babies and Toddlers

Simplifying Easter Fun 1 of 9
Lots of Easter traditions can be a little too advanced for babies (infants + egg dye = ruined kitchen tablecloth) or overwhelming for toddlers (ahem, the creepy bunny suit at the mall). For kids under age 2, it's OK to keep Easter crafts and activities super-simple.
How to Make Hard-Boiled Eggs 2 of 9
Unless you're opting for the plastic imposters, hard-boiled eggs are an Easter staple. But once and for all, how do you do it? Use these tips for perfectly hard-boiled eggs from the American Egg Board's Incredible Egg.

Color an Egg 3 of 9
For tiny hands, the whole dip-to-dye process can be a bit frustrating. Let your toddler use easier-to-hold markers or even chubby crayons to color on the egg (either hold it for him, or keep the egg in the carton to stabilize it).
Finger-Paint Eggs 4 of 9
Willing to let your child get super creative—and super messy? Let him use washable finger paints to jazz up his eggs. (You can predye them during naptime for extra color.)
Sticker Substitutes 5 of 9
The ultimate mess-free way to let your little one decorate? Offer an array of stickers to cover a hard-boiled dozen. (Nubby foam ones can be easier for toddlers' fingers to handle.)
Roll, Roll, Roll that Egg 6 of 9
Boiled eggs make for fun playthings. For babies, roll the egg across the floor so that Baby will crawl after it. For toddlers, sitting on the floor across from your child, roll an egg to her to catch. Or roll the egg across the floor so that she will toddle to retrieve it.
Hide 'Em! 7 of 9
Egg hunts are fun for kids who've caught on to the idea of object permanence. For kids this age, place eggs around your yard or home at your child's eye level. Younger babies can still appreciate an egg hunt: Do the "seeking" for him, and let your excited baby grab the egg himself.
Sort 'Em 8 of 9
At around 18 months, toddlers also develop a knack for sorting. Indulge her developmental tendencies by letting her use baskets or cartons to sort dyed or decorated eggs by color or pattern.
Reading and Talking about Easter 9 of 9
There are tons of books perfect for babies and toddlers that your family can read together. Add these to your library or bookstore lists: Where Are Baby's Easter Eggs?, Easter Egg Hunt, My First Easter, and Easter Bugs: A Springtime Pop-up.

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