This Temperature-Controlled “Smart Mug” Is Literally the Stuff of Mom Dreams

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Image Source: Ember Technologies

I’m going to be honest — I’m not a very fancy girl. I don’t spend a boatload of money on my hair or skin products, and I almost exclusively shop via the sale rack at Old Navy. BUT. If there’s one unnecessary spending habit I have, it’s coffee. I’ve been known to spend more on a caramel macchiato from Starbucks than I do on the clothes I put on my body. And I’m a mom of three, so that pricey coffee goes cold or gets spilled more than 50 percent of the time. But a new “smart mug” by Ember Technologies might actually be my dream come true.

One of motherhood’s greatest struggles is keeping our coffee warm. Between wiping little butts, and yelling “Where are your shoes?!” and answering calls for “Mom, sign my homework!” I can never seem to find my coffee all morning long. It’s not until my kids leave for school that I rediscover it — in the bathroom, the laundry room, or right there in the microwave, cold and in need of reheating. But wait! It’s 2017, girlfriends! THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT.

Image Source: Ember Technologies

That’s right — this new fancy-shmancy coffee mug is the mom gift to top all other mom gifts. It’s a mug that allows you to control the temperature of what’s inside, either by a compatible app or by twisting the bottom of the mug. Want piping hot coffee all day long? Set it for 160 degrees. Want it cooler? Turn it down to 120.

Image Source: Ember Technologies

With space-grade thermal insulation, a microprocessor controlled heating system, and bluetooth connectivity, the Ember mug is the mug of the future. (And hopefully, my future.) And who else would this company partner up with but our beloved Starbucks — of course! In addition to being available on Amazon and Ember.com, you can also find the Ember at your local Starbucks and have the barista pour your fave pumpkin spice latte right into that sucker.

I’m going to be honest here: the price tag is a bit steep. At $150 (a price that includes one charging coaster), Santa might be questioning your choices this year, as you pop this hot new item on your list. But you know what? Is Santa a mom? Did Santa get up three times last night to feed a baby with his own bodily fluids, change pee-soaked sheets, and find the pink teddy bear so a certain 4-year-old would stop crying? No? I DIDN’T THINK SO. Momma deserves some damn hot coffee.

We need this mug, ladies. I mean, just imagine having control over your coffee’s temperature All. Day. Long. Never again having to sip a lukewarm — or worse, ice cold — cup o’ Joe again. Since I have little to no control over anything else around here, I personally think that would be good for my self-esteem. And happiness. And if you want to Go Big or Go Home, why not throw in some extra accessories like a backup charging coaster and ceramic halo lid that “engages your senses,” allowing you to appreciate that pumpkin spice aroma a bit more?

And hey, maybe Ember Technologies (or Starbucks) will throw us a bone around November 1 and put these puppies on sale for a bit so Santa (ahem, our husbands) has an easier time stomaching this purchase. But either way, I seriously might pull the “I BIRTHED THREE CHILDREN AND I WANT MY FANCY MUG” card on this one — and I have no shame about it.

Bottoms up, coffee lovers!

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