Couple Takes Embryos on a “Family Adventure” — and We Can’t Get Enough

It’s kinda weird to think that today’s youngest generation will probably have their entire lives documented on social media, thanks to parents posting pictures of them since they were born. But one set of Oregon triplets will have even more memories to look back on when they get older — memories from when they were embryos, to be exact!

Sounds crazy, but couple Mickey and Samantha Clark are determined to approach parenthood with a sense of humor.

After struggling with infertility for a few years, they finally were blessed with a chance at becoming parents, with a number of embryos yet to be implanted. There was just one problem. They were moving across the state and needed to change clinics. How would they transport the embryos?

“They were going to mail our embryos via FedEx to a clinic closer to us,” Samantha tells Babble. “We had just watched several viral videos of FedEx drivers throwing packages over fences … so I said, ‘NO WAY!’”

The couple then spoke to their embryologist, who said most people actually transport the embryos themselves. So, they decided that’s what they’d do. After determining with the clinic that the embryo tank would be safe for two days, they set out on a four-hour trip to the new clinic with their precious cargo.

But then, they had an idea.

“We started talking about how we should take photos with the embryos,” says Samantha. “We were laughing so hard we were crying. So when we picked them up, we just said okay let’s do it! … It’s just one of those things where you think … we may never get a chance to do this again. These embryos really were and are our kids. They were just as alive to us as if they’d already been born.”

So the Clarks took their embryos on a real-world adventure, filled with all the photo-worthy moments they’d capture with a child after he or she was born – and honestly, people, these photos are golden.

They took some awesome shots at the park …

embryos on swing
Image Source: Samantha Clark

Complete with a baseball lesson from Dad!

embryos playing t-ball
Image Source: Samantha Clark

There was a little family picture fun …

family pic
Image Source: Samantha Clark

Plus a meeting with the family dog.

pug meets embryos
Image Source: Samantha Clark

Of course, that could never compare to the magic of Baby’s first Christmas …

embryos' first xmas
Image Source: Samantha Clark

Or meeting their great-grandparents for the first time!

embryos meet grandpa
Image Source: Samantha Clark

Thankfully, on New Year’s Day, Mickey and Samantha got the news they had been waiting for – a positive pregnancy test! Samantha says she vaguely recalls their embryologist giving them a 1 percent chance of having triplets, followed up with assurance that it probably wouldn’t happen.

But it turned out they had one more blessing coming. Today, Mickey and Samantha are the proud parents of adorable 6-month-old triplets, Shepherd, Eleni, and Ayla.

Image Source: Samantha Clark

Best wishes to this beautiful family!

h/t: Love What Matters

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