Mom’s Clever Hack Might Just Be the Answer to All Your Teething Woes

My 9-month-old daughter has been reduced to tears about 100 times a day for the last week, because she’s smack in the middle of teething territory. She will gnaw on just about anything these days — literally. Her fingers, random toys, and yes, even my nipples. So, basically, we’ve both been in tears.

If you’ve ever cared for an infant who’s teething, then you know first-hand just how hellish it is — both on the parent, and also on the poor little one. Enter, one brilliant mom who found a rather interesting solution to this most vexing problem.

In a now super viral Facebook post, Emelia Jackson calls it a “life saver for teething mamas”, and demonstrated for other stressed-out parents just how she manages soothes her son’s teething issues. And it’s pretty simple: She takes his pacifier, fills the mouthpiece with water, and freezes it. G-E-N-I-U-S.

“If your babies are teething, mamas put water in your soothie,” she writes, “and then put it in the freezer for a couple hours.”

Image Source: Emelia Jackson/Facebook

“Well my son is an early teether so the hand-held teethers were not going to work for him,” Jackson tells Babble. “In order for me not to go absolutely bananas, we decided to fill the mysterious channel on the back of the binky with water.”

Image Source: Emelia Jackson/Facebook

After Jackson posted her teething hack, the responses online were immediate and swift. Many moms celebrated the creation as a clever way to solve a problem for both baby and mom. But some commenters didn’t see it that way, and accused Jackson of creating a choking hazard waiting to happen.

“I am pretty confused how moms even see this as a choking hazard for a non-mobile baby.” Jackson tells Babble. “My child does not have the fine motor skills that are required in order to get the small ice out of the back of the binky and into his mouth, if he did I would be a millionaire for having a baby genius.”

Jackson later updated her Facebook post to clarify that there is no hole in the pacifier, and therefore “absolutely NO way for the baby to get the water.” She also notes to Babble that this hack obviously requires a parent to be observant of her or his child.

“For the moms that want to try this and are concerned, I just want to say, ALWAYS supervise your children,” she says. “Freak accidents can happen with anything, including the gadgets that were actually made for teething. Supervision is key, supervise your little one when doing this and you will have no issue, again it is a teaspoon of water and it would fall on the floor and melt before the baby has time to even get to it. I am no baby whisperer, it worked for my child and my sanity. If it doesn’t work for yours, don’t do it, be like Elsa and ‘let it go,’ no need to bash me and what works for my family.”

As for her child? Well, he loves his mother’s brilliant teething hack.

“It helped us out so much,” Jackson tells Babble. “When baby is happy, mama and daddy are happy as well.”

And when it comes to all those negative comments on her post? Jackson tells Babble that she had the best intentions at heart when she posted it, saying, “I shared this because it helped my little man out and was hoping it would help others out, too.”

As a mom dealing with teething issues right now myself, I can say for certain this hack appeals to me in a huge way. Well done, mama!

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