Mom Counts Down to Halloween with Sweet Letter Board Photo Series

If your kids have already decided — and changed their minds about — what their Halloween costumes will be about a million times this month, I am right there with you. For most of us, this is a super frustrating (and totally inevitable) annual tradition. But for Emily McAllister, a mom of two and the blogger behind Chasing McAllisters, coming up with new family costume ideas on the regular is one of her favorite pastimes.

McAllister, who is mom to Ayden, 7, and Frankie, 18 months, has been counting down the days until Halloween on Instagram, by dressing her kids in themed costumes and having them pose with quirky letter board signs to share their love of the spookiest time of year.

“I LOVE Halloween,” McAllister explains to Babble. “I love dressing up in costume, but even more so, I love dressing my kids in costume. So this was kind of an excuse to see them in all sorts of costumes, and not have to wait until Halloween.”

McAllister’s love of Halloween has inspired her to create some incredible family costumes so far. (Honestly, just looking through her Instagram feed is giving me some serious mom goals for this year.)

From sweet little reindeer ….

… to ’80s aerobics instructors …

McAllister and her kids have certainly run the gamut when it comes to unique and adorable Halloween themes.

She didn’t have to spend a fortune on the costumes, either.

“I mostly settled on each theme by using things or pieces of things that we already had or owned,” McAllister says of her inspiration behind each look. “For some of the themes, I borrowed from friends.”

As for her kids, she said they’ve had a blast with the almost daily photo shoots — but like most kids, their attention spans only go so far.

“I think they love playing dress up,” McAllister shares, “but once they decide they’re done, they’re over it.”

Each shot also features a cute and quirky message spelled out on an accompanying letter board (which are HUGELY popular on Instagram this year, in case you haven’t noticed).

McAllister says that her mission, both with her blog and her Instagram account, is to support moms in an honest and authentic way.

“I consider my space an ‘honest motherhood’ space,” McAllister shares with Babble. “I like to start and have important conversations so other moms don’t feel so alone. And I am also a photographer, so I love sharing meaningful captures that evoke some sort of an emotion from people.”

Wondering what the McAllister kids think they’ll be as we inch closer and closer to the big day (AKA Halloween night)? The self-described “part-DIY, part-Target/Amazon” mom is pretty certain they have it settled.

“We sort of plan according to my oldest,” McAllister shares. “I hope it’s not bad luck to tell your costume before Halloween, but this year my 7-year-old decided she would like to be ‘a DJ Hip Hop Dancer/Teacher’ (very specific). So my husband, my 18-month-old and I will be her back up B-boy and B-Girl dancers.”

Um — that is awesome. I can’t wait to see their final looks!

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