The Next Time Your Kid Draws All Over the Walls, You Might Want to Try This Mom’s Fix

Having kids doesn’t just mean you can’t have nice things. Sometimes it means you can’t have things. Like walls. Or in our case, a hall railing. Our youngest likes to morph into a gorilla-like state and break our house, room by room. A few months ago, he pulled out one of the spindles in our hall railing, snapped it in half, and handed to us with one of his daily, “I’m sorry” pouts.

So when I heard about this viral tweet that showed a lovely permanent marker creation one child made on the wall, I could definitely relate. Our walls too have been “decorated” and also have a few substantial holes in them where toys have been thrown around. Kids are fun.

Neurosurgeon, professor, (and dad of course) Eric Massicotte tweeted out an image on November 13 that has since been retweeted over 113K times. Because it’s a genius idea and completely relatable.

“Your kids are going to do things they shouldn’t,” Massicotte captioned the tweet. “It helps if you married someone with a sense of humor.”

It certainly does.

Like children all over the world, Massicotte’s son drew on the wall of their house recently. With marker. Of the permanent kind.

Image Source: Eric Massicotte/Twitter

Massicotte tells Babble:

“We were getting the kids ready for school. As part of their usual routine during breakfast, they practice writing their letters, numbers, etc. My wife and I were getting the boys’ lunches and backpacks ready to take them to school. We took our eyes off them just for a moment when our eldest decided he would ‘teach’ his little brother how to draw a house … using our wall as his chalkboard … “

Oh, how sweet.

Massicotte and his wife immediately stopped the boys from coloring on their wall and left the house to take them to school. Upon returning home later, Massicotte saw that his wife decided to take the decoration in stride.

“When I arrived home I found that my wife had presented the drawing with a frame and plaque,” he shares. “We had a laugh and I decided to tweet it as a compliment to her.”

Image Source: Eric Massicotte/Twitter

But the story doesn’t end there. The tweeted photos also show that the couple decided to formally name their son’s art, as all true artists deserve. Their choice? “Interrupted House, 2017.” The title card also lists the talented artist’s name: R.C. Massicotte, b. 2011. And further describes the artwork as “marker on latex paint, gifted to his parents by surprise, November 13.”

Image Source: Eric Massicotte/Twitter

What an amazing response to something that literally happens all the time with kids.

Should kids color on walls? No. Do they because they don’t realize it’s wrong? Yep. We can choose to lose our cool on them, repaint over it, or have a little fun like the Massicottes. I like their choice. And I’ll bet their little Picasso does, too.

The tweet was so popular that other Twitter users have also shared their “wall artwork” gifted to them by their children. User Shannon Reynolds shared a sweet note left by her daughter that reads, “My mom will always be my best friend. Pepper.” (How can you be angry at that? My uterus just skipped.)

User ConfiteorDeo shared an image of his child having written, “I am sore for writing this letter.” Well we bet your parents are sore for having to repaint over your note!

And D. Artful Dodger noticed another attempt at a house creation next to “Interrupted House” and helped the Massicottes out by naming it “Under Construction.”

These parents are fun. I like their style.

If there’s one rule of parenthood I hold dear is that we have to have humor to get us through. These kids are going to wreck our walls and break our railings, but damn it, they are cute. And they are just kids, after all, figuring out how things work. Like permanent markers, for example. So have a laugh, and consider sticking a frame around your child’s wall art next time. I mean, you can’t have nice things anyway right? So let’s embrace this messy thing called parenthood.

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