Parents Honor Baby Born During Solar Eclipse with a One-of-a-Kind Name

The birth of a child is an event that a parent will never forget. Emotions run high as a new life enters the world. For one family, this blessed event also happened to take place on a day when another extraordinary occurrence took place: a solar eclipse that was visible for much of the United States.

Michael Eubanks tells Babble that he and his wife, Freedom, were on their way to Greenville Memorial Hospital in in Greenville, South Carolina, on August 21st when they first “joked” about naming their daughter “Eclipse” after the historical event.

Freedom Eubanks and daughter, Eclipse
Image source: Michael Eubanks

Their daughter wasn’t due until September 3rd, but Freedom had been experiencing contractions since early that morning that were gaining in intensity. “We realized that our joking about her name was going to become a reality,” he says.

The couple had planned to watch the solar eclipse that day, as their home state of South Carolina was one of 14 states included in the path of totality. But their plans quickly changed when it became apparent that their baby had plans of her own.

Hours later, their beautiful baby girl was born, weighing 6 pounds, 3 ounces and measuring 19 inches long. Although the couple had originally planned on naming their daughter Violet Blaire, they decided to change her name to Eclipse to honor her birth coinciding with the astronomical event.

Baby Eclipse Eubanks
Image source: Michael Eubanks

Eclipse, along with 10 other babies born on August 21st at Greenville hospital, were gifted with a commemorative “Total Solar Eclipse” onesie that featured a smiling sun sporting some solar eclipse shades.

When asked how the couple feels about all the attention they have received over their daughter’s unique name, Eubanks tells Babble, “It’s a good feeling that our daughter can take away all the racial and political tension just for a little bit.” He is right about that! The solar eclipse seemed to have a way of bringing people together to enjoy an extraordinary event and forget about their differences for a time.

The Eubanks family
Image source: Michael Eubanks

“We’ve gotten a lot of support from people,” Michael says, but also notes that there has been some “irrelevant backlash” and criticism for the name. “But we are happy. Happy we get to show off our little angel,” he notes.

The couple will undoubtedly have a unique story to tell their daughter about the day of her birth to go along with her unique name. “I kind of felt like it was meant to happen — to have her on this day,” Freedom Eubanks told ABC News. She says that they will probably call her “Clipsey.”

Even with careful planning, our best laid plans are at the mercy of powers greater than our own. On this day, one couple chose to embrace what the universe offered them by naming their daughter after one of its most incredible celestial events.

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