Dad Traveling Alone with Baby Was Having the Worst Day Ever, Until This Stranger Stepped In

image source: evan hughes
image source: evan hughes

There’s no way around it. Traveling with a baby is challenging — there are all the bags you need to carry (with Baby in your arms, of course) and they’re guaranteed to fuss at some point. Add traveling ALONE with a baby? That can be a real nightmare.

Dad Evan Hughes knows this all too well. But thanks to one sweet stranger, he was able to get a bit of a breather. He was recently traveling with his 8-month-old son from Chicago back home to Dallas, and because of the weather, he wasn’t able to fly with his wife. Hughes told The Huffington Post that he was having “one of the worst days in a long time.”

He was away from his wife, had just changed his son’s diaper, and finally arrived at his seat. Then his son immediately became infatuated with their neighbor, wanting to climb all over her. The kind woman offered to hold his baby. Hughes initially declined, but when there was no stopping his determined little one, he gave in. “Not 60 seconds later he puts his head down on her chest and falls asleep!” recalls Hughes. And with that, the woman replied, “Power of the boobies.” That couldn’t be more true!

Hughes tells Babble: “My first thought was ‘relief!’ but what moved me to want to take the picture … was the sweet innocence of it all.”

image source: evan hughes
image source: evan hughes

She proceeded to offer to watch Hughes’s son while he got some much-needed rest. After recalling all the travel cancellations and plane delays he’d been through, he accepted. Hughes wasn’t too worried about the little guy’s safety, as she already established credibility in his book “when she mentioned her two children and the fact that she worked at a daycare. Also, where’s she going to go 30,000 ft. in the air?” he recalls. Fair point.

It’s those little, but precious moments that really make a difference in our lives. He explains, “I love how he didn’t yet see a stranger, only a kind face, a soothing voice, and a comfortable place to lay his head down. I was truly moved by the gesture.” We couldn’t agree more!

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