Parenting: Expectation vs. Reality

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Long before we actually became moms and dads, we had ideas about what parenting would be like. After all, we were kids once. We lived with our parents once. We may have even babysat once (or twice).

Basically, we were already parenting experts. Because really, how hard could it be? You love baby. You feed baby. You change baby. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

We just knew that once we became parents, life was going to be #blessed in all the very best ways — no filter required. Sure, we’d be at least a little tired, but that was nothing that a cute statement mug couldn’t fix. And OK, baby might wake up on the wrong side of the crib every now and then, but a good snuggle was practically guaranteed to turn that frown upside down, right?

Not so fast. On its best day, new parenthood is heartwarming, heart-pounding, and even a little heartbreaking at times. It’s messy and beautiful … hilarious and weird … and unlike anything we could have ever imagined.

So, when it comes to raising kids, our expectations often don’t match reality. Take these parenting truths, for example.

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The Seemingly Simple Task of Dressing Your Baby

Expectation: Just look at your adorable little outfit! I sure wish they made this in adult sizes. People are going to be like, “Is that a baby or a budding fashion icon?” And I’m going to be all, “Duh, BOTH!”

Image Source: ©Disney | Babble

Reality: Thirty minutes and five outfits later, she’s back to just a diaper. Maybe she’s going for a whole “less is more” vibe?

Image Source: ©Disney | Babble

Squeezing a Bath into Your Busy Day

Expectation: Bath time? More like BEST TIME! There’s nothing better than a fresh baby head-to-toe. After a long day of playing and growing, this calm bath will be the perfect way to relax the day away!

Image Source: ©Disney | Babble

Reality: Do I want a clean kitchen or a clean baby? Because it’s just not looking like I can have both.

Image Source: ©Disney | Babble

Trying to Get Somewhere — Anywhere — on Time

Expectation: Whoever said parents are always late never met us! With a little planning here and a little organization there, we can take our sweet time and still show up early. Anyone want a make a quick Target run on the way? WE HAVE TIME.

Image Source: ©Disney | Babble

Reality: What time are we supposed to be there? What time is it? Uh, so I guess I’m going for the “messy look” today. Do we have everything? Did I put on deodorant? Do I smell another dirty diaper? Aaaaand fashionably late it is.

For new parents in the throes, take heart from those in the know: This cluttered, chaotic, crazy stage is about to exceed even your greatest expectations. Because the reality is, parenthood is full of amazing discoveries — you just have to roll with it.

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