Facebook Mom Group Saves the Day After No One Shows Up for 4-Year-Old’s Birthday

It’s a situation no mom ever wants to face: No one’s coming to your child’s birthday party.

This was unfortunately the circumstance for mother Rachelle Briannan of Melbourne, Australia when all 12 kids invited to her son, Taenon’s, 4th birthday party canceled an hour before the party or hadn’t responded at all. Her son was turning just the right age to “really [understand] the whole party with friends thing,” and suffice to say, she was heartbroken.

So what do you do now? Well, this mom took to social media for some support. In a distressed post to the Facebook group, Midnight Mums, Briannan asked fellow mamas what to do.

“So I’m sitting in my room quietly crying,” Briannan begins as she goes on to explain her predicament. “What the hell can I do to make this up to him?”

And answer they did.

In an incredible response, 30 kids and their parents spontaneously showed up to Eltham McDonald’s, the location of the party, just one hour after Brianna wrote her post. According to Midnight Mums, some families traveled from locations over 30 minutes away to celebrate Taenon’s birthday with him.

And parents weren’t the only ones stepping up to save the day; balloon delivery store, Veronica’s Pantry, donated a bunch of balloons to the party and the Nillumbik SES showed up to give the kids a tour of their emergency truck, much to the children’s delight.

Briannan, overwhelmed with gratitude, responded to the gesture in another post to Midnight Mums, thanking everyone, describing the experience as “more than amazing to see and be a part of.”

In light of all the mommy criticism out there, it’s so nice to hear about a community that went out of their way to help a fellow mom and make a little 4-year-old’s birthday party what it’s supposed to be: full of fun memories.

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