Mom Shaves Her Head in Support of Superhero Daughter Who’s Fighting Brain Cancer

Faith May Beckstead is an adorable little girl who is going through a medical drama that nobody, especially not a child, should ever have to endure: brain cancer. On July 22, Faith underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor that was pushing on her optic nerve and destroying her pituitary gland, and as a result, had part of the hair on her head shaved off for the surgery.

While recovering from the procedure, Faith wasn’t too happy about her new hairdo. And then her loving mother, Jaime Dawn, did the most awesome thing.

“This is Faith May, my superhero!!!” reads a post on Love What Matters.

“Every superhero has a side kick who picks them up, dusts them off, and makes them feel stronger then ever,” it continues.

“Faith was feeling a little down when she noticed they had to shave some of her hair to remove her tumor. In true side kick fashion Faith’s mom, Jamie Dawn Beckstead, went home during a shift swap and came back looking just like Faith! Judging by her smile she loves it!”

The sweet story has received over 18k likes on Facebook and is quickly going viral. And Beckstead is “amazed by the amount of love and support.”

“It has definitely been quite the roller coaster ride,” she tells Babble. “Me shaving my head to match hers seemed like the smallest thing that I could actually do for her because I am so helpless with everything else she is going through. She was feeling insecure about it so when I came back from shift swap with my husband, she smiled so big and it seemed as though she immediately felt a little better about it. That smile of hers is worth every single hair on my head.”

Because of Beckstead’s heartwarming gesture, Faith now has a newfound confidence for her unique haircut:

“I love that when I tried to show her that we can part her hair over it and no one would really be able to see it, she now has a new confidence and pride about it and doesn’t want to cover it. Makes me so happy.”

One of the most incredible things to come from this Facebook post is that several people have not only shared their well-wishes and prayers for little Faith, but also personal photos of their shaved heads and accompanying scars from similar surgeries in the comments section.

“Hang in there, Faith! I just had my 2nd surgery for my brain tumor 2 weeks ago tomorrow,” wrote Tammy Sparks. “That hair will grow back pretty girl! Hope you get to feeling better soon and are on your way to a full and complete recovery! God bless you!!”

Another mother shared a photo of her daughter, who had her last surgery in June.

“Oh sweet girl!!! We have a little hero too that went thru very similar side effects,” wrote Tyann Bachtel. “She was diagnosed on 9/6/2015 with juvenile pilocytic astrocytoma and has healed beautifully from her surgurey [sic]. When we found the first tumor it was the size of a tennis ball, attached to her cerebellum and it was pinching her nerve that carries spinal fluid. That’s how we found it. It grew back within 6 months and this is from her most recent removal on 6/2/2016. It really is amazing how quickly they bounce back!! Faith, you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. I know you will overcome!! p.s. , nothing a bunch of cute hats won’t fix. That’s what our Izzy says!”

If you would like to make a financial contribution to the Beckstead family, Faith’s aunt, Brandy Ipsen, has started a GoFundMe page to help with the monetary burden the family is enduring throughout this extensive process.

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