Family’s Gender Reveal for Baby No. 11 Goes Spectacularly Awry

My husband and I never did a gender reveal for any of our three kids because we chose to wait and be surprised, but that didn’t stop me from pinning dozens of cute ideas on Pinterest. You know, just in case I couldn’t wait to find out if my world would be filled with pink or blue.

As the mother of 10 kids and counting, Malinda must know what I mean about needing to know what gender is growing inside her baby bump. Together with her husband, Erik, and kids, Andrew, 13, Kaitlyn, 12, Stephen, 10, Cooper, 8, Lachlan, 6, Tyler, 5, Isabella, 4, Harrison, 3, Joel, 2, and Zoe, 11 months, they posted the sweetest gender reveal video to YouTube.

With much excitement, the impressively large family is getting ready to welcome baby number 11 in February 2018. Malinda told Babble that having a big family is exhausting but rewarding, saying, “I think the hardest thing is other people’s constant comments everywhere we go. The best part is watching them grow into amazing young people every day. Each of the kids is so different, yet they all show compassion, helpfulness and try their best at everything they do; which is all you can ask as a parent.”

In their epic gender reveal, the family gathered outside on a patch of grassy yard with all the kids sporting water guns and wearing white t-shirts. At their parent’s cue, the kids began shooting each other with colored water revealing the baby’s gender.

Their adorable gender reveal did have some hiccups, however. As any parent trying to capture their kids on camera can attest, kids will do some goofy stuff. “The gender reveal was supposed to be a fun way to tell the kids, but the redhead-blonde boy who runs off screaming, and Bella, aren’t a great fan of water,” Malinda shares with Babble. “We knew Joel would freak, but I thought the two that did [freak] would be OK with it; I was so wrong.”

Despite the momentary blip with tears and cries, Malinda is happy to report that overall, the kids were pretty cool with how the video turned out. Malinda tells Babble, “We are happy with how it turned out, as it shows the true colors of not just large family life, but family life in general. There are always laughs, some mess, and no matter what, someone always has to have a meltdown.”

The best part of this video is watching all of the kids’ faces light up with glee when they realize that baby number 11 will be a girl. Congratulations!

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