12 Father’s Day Gifts for the Grandpa Who Means Everything

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The thing about grandpas (besides the fact that they’re universally adorable), is that they’re notoriously hard to shop for — especially come Father’s Day. I mean, how many cans of roasted peanuts and packages of socks can you really get a person in a lifetime before it just becomes ridiculous? (Answer: A LOT — my own grandpa is pushing 93, and these have pretty much been our gifting staples for a while now.)

But I digress.

If you’re looking or a gift that’s a bit more creative than that — or better yet, something heartwarming that’ll reduce old Gramps into a puddle of mush — you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up some Father’s Day gift ideas for grandpas that will leave him with a smile on his face.

A wooden eyeglasses holder shaped like a nose holds a pair of glasses while sitting on top of two books.
Image Source: Uncommon Goods

1. Eye Glass Holder

Look, misplacing your glasses when they’re right in front of you is surprisingly easy, no matter what your age. (I’m living proof.) But if the grandpa in your life has a tendency to lose his specs … oh, every five minutes or so, then this adorable wooden holder might be the perfect solution for keeping them out of harm’s way.

Available on Uncommon Goods, $18

A light tan pillow reads, "Only the best dads get promoted to grandpa."
Image Source: Amazon

2. “Only the Best Dads Get Promoted to Grandpa” Pillow

This is a great all-round gift if you’re going for something touching, but it’s also a great way to announce to your dad that he’s about to become a grandpa, too. Consider this if you’re breaking the big news soon.

Available on Amazon, $8.99

A game used bat bottle opener sits on a table, next to a bowl of peanuts.
Image Source: Uncommon Goods

3. Game Used Bat Bottle Opener

Talk about the ultimate Father’s Day gift for any baseball (or beer) fan — this unique bottle opener is literally crafted out of a bat that was once used in a Major League Baseball game. From the Yankees to the Cubs, select Grandpa’s favorite team before ordering and I’m willing to bet you’ll move up a few ranks in the Favorite Grandkid department.

Available on Uncommon Goods, $115-165

A keychain personalized with names and dates of grandchildren sits on a wooden slab.
Image Source: Etsy

4. Handmade Grandpa Keychain

How sweet is this personalized keychain, which can be added to with each new grandkid? It’ll serve as a constant reminder of your growing family, and also give Gramps something more to brag about when he’s talking the neighbor’s ear off about his grandkids.

Available on Etsy, $38.96

A small statue shows a grandpa sitting on a stump, with a small child at his feet.
Image Source: Amazon

5. Willow Tree Grandfather Statue

This hand-painted resin statue features a grandpa lovingly bending over to comfort his grandkid, and comes with a card inside the box that reads, “Bridging generations with ageless love.” (Warning: This gift might just get him teary … )

Available on Amazon, $34.95

A mug reads "Papa Knows Everything" (and if he doesn't, he'll make something up real quick!"
Image Source: Amazon

6. “Papa Knows Everything” Mug

This mug pretty much says it all, doesn’t it? For the witty grandpa who always has a quick retort (or a long-winded story about when he was young) for everything, this might be the perfect pick.

Available on Amazon, $14.98

7. Moccasin Slippers

Who would turn down a pair of comfy (and stylish!) slippers? Not Grandpa, that’s who. Plus, these are indoor-outdoor, so he can run out to the garage or to grab the mail from the driveway and still have support. (They even have memory foam faux wool lining inside!)

Available on Amazon, $17.99-19.99

A box sign that reads, "Grandpas are there to help children get into the mischief that they haven't thought of yet."
Image Source: Amazon

8. Grandpa Box Sign

It’s true what they say: Our parents were way more strict with us than they are with our kids. But I guess that just comes with the territory when they’re promoted to grandparent status. This sign will give Grandpa a laugh and remind him that yep, he’s pretty good at causing mischief, even in his golden years.

Available on Amazon, $8.49

Image Source: Knopf Young Readers/Harper Collins

9. How to Babysit a Grandpa Picture Book

This one’s a two-part gift: partially for Grandpa, and partially for the grandkid that he’ll read it to from his lap, which will make it all the more special. (Plus, it’s a New York Times bestseller — can you really go wrong?)

Available on Amazon, $11.45

A gray t-shirt for men reads, "Best Grandpa Ever."
Image Source: Amazon

10. “Best Grandpa Ever” Shirt

Surely, Grandpa already knows he’s the best there is — but a shirt that announces this fact to the world wouldn’t hurt, now would it? This comfy tee will remind people wherever he goes.

Available on Amazon, $12.99-22.99

A glass with the map of Chicago sits on a table, half-filled with whiskey.
Image Source: Uncommon Goods

11. City Map Glass

This trendy glass will always remind Pops of his roots, with the map of his home city etched across its front. (Can’t you just see him sipping his favorite drink from one of these?)

Available on Uncommon Goods, $16

A white decorative jar has a navy lid that reads, "Keep Calm and Grandpa will take care of it."
Image Source: Amazon

12. “Keep Calm and Grandpa Will Take Care of It” Decorative Jar

… ‘Nuff said, no? This stylish decorative jar can serve as a place for Grandpa to store some of his most prized possessions, and also remind him of how valued and loved he is by his fam.

Available on Amazon, $16.99

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