This Genius Car Seat Tip for Keeping Your Kids Safer Is Surprisingly Simple

On Christmas Eve a few years ago, our family was racing home after visiting with Grandma and Grandpa, trying to make it home before Christmas. It was a drive that would normally take us less than four hours. As we got onto the freeway, however, it began to snow — hard.

The entire drive was harrowing. I’ve driven through a lot of snowstorms, but this one was different. I began counting how many cars had veered off the freeway and were stuck in the gathering sea of white; some had even flipped onto their side or were upside-down. My heart broke for these families — emergency personnel had yet to arrive — and I feared that we would be next.

It’s moments like those where as a parent, you would do anything to help keep your kids safe. And as it turns out, there is something that you can do to your child’s car seat to increase their safety in a big way­ — and it’s surprisingly simple.

The Rose City Area Fire Department in Michigan recently posted a request on their Facebook page for parents to place their child’s personal information directly onto a car seat. It’s a heartbreaking reality, but the Fire Department says that “way too often” firefighters will come upon a car wreck involving children who are “too young to have any info and parents are unconscious.”

Honestly, I have never even considered that, but it makes sense — and it certainly felt like a possibility during that storm.

The post goes on to list some of the information that would be beneficial to include, such as the “child’s name, DOB, parents’ names, DOB, emergency contacts and any medical conditions, any meds your child is on and even child’s doctor.”

“Then stick it to the child’s car seat,” they advise. “This helps EMS a ton and can also help save your child’s life.”

The Fire Department also points out how simple and easy it is to take this precaution, noting that it “takes 2 minutes of your time.” But obviously, it could make all the difference during a tough situation.

“Our goal as a fire department is to help everyone,” The Rose City Fire Department tells Babble.

They believe that “this is an important idea that should be used by all,” and say that they would also “like people to put an emergency contact on their cell phones in case they cannot talk.”

One mom who viewed the Fire Department’s car seat post was Alexis Copas. She thought it was a brilliant idea and shared the post on Twitter where it has been retweeted 6K times!

Copas tells Babble that the advice has been met with “extreme positivity.” She adds that people have been sharing “for themselves, mothers they know, and for future reference.”

As for my family on that Christmas Eve night, we were fortunate to arrive home safely — many hours later than we had anticipated, but I will never forget how scared I was and how precarious our situation felt. That is why anything that families can do to help keep kids safe is valuable and worthy of our time. This car seat trick is simple, easy, and would only take a few minutes to complete — but it could make a big difference to those who come to your aid in your time of need.

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