This U.K. Couple Is Quitting Their Jobs to Travel the World with Their Two Small Kids

I hear Fiji is nice this time of year. In fact, now that I think about it, the Netherlands are looking pretty good, too.

It’s always fun to imagine living in far off destinations, especially when you have kids and the potential to teach them about other cultures, cuisines, the appreciation for the open road, and developing a well-rounded understanding of the world. A desire for first-hand experiences in new lands you’ve never seen before beckons the inner traveler in all of us.

But for one U.K. couple, this isn’t just the stuff of occasional daydreams — at least, not for long. If all goes according to plan, it will soon become a reality.

The Fisher family of Porthcawl, Wales are quitting their jobs, selling off their possessions, and hitting the open road to live out their dream of being a globe-trotting family of four. And it sounds pretty damn cool.

I mean, can you imagine how awesome it would be to show your kids other cultures up close and personal instead of just looking them up on Google or seeing them in a movie?

Of course, upon hearing this my mind immediately wandered to the fact that I can barely keep my kids distracted on a trip to the grocery store, let alone on the way to Peru or China. But according to the Fishers, they’re willing to embrace the challenge.

“We know there may be times where it might become stressful, but we have traveled frequently with the children since they were babies, so we feel confident it won’t be anything we cannot handle,” Clare Fisher tells Babble. “The children are good ages for traveling. If they are not sleeping, they are happy to watch a film, color, play with a toy … and we look forward to making the most of this time going forward to educate them too. They absorb so much at this age. It is surprising what they remember.”

If traveling with small kids isn’t daunting enough for most families, though, the current political climate surely is. But not the Fishers.

“The world is a beautiful place,” Clare tells Babble. “Tomorrow is not promised and the worst could happen on our doorstep, so we do not see it as a risk. We will of course be avoiding the places that are really unstable at the moment.”

Image Source: The Fisher Family

As for what the Fishers hope their kids will remember from this once-in-a-lifetime plan, Clare tells Babble: ‘

“We hope that they will take lots of things from this experience. We hope it will mean as they grow they will not only be comfortable with change and challenge but also embrace it. We hope it will help them to be cultured and positive. We hope it will be brilliant education and develop the bond we all have.”

One thing’s for sure: Having an adventurous set of parents is sure to breed adventurous kids — so the Fisher children will likely catch the travel bug soon, if they haven’t already. But their parents are also hoping it allows them to meet new friends from all walks of life.

“We are excited to see the new friends they meet all over the world and of course we want them to have fun!” adds Clare. “We especially want them to learn that while its not bad to have nice things, they do not need them to be happy. More than anything through the volunteer work, we want them to know what it feels like to help others and hope they take that through their lives.”

Image Source: The Fisher Family

Of course, as with any big life change, Clare admits there’s plenty of things she secretly fears going wrong in the back of her mind — but she’s not going to spend her time worrying about them.

“We have a lot of fears,” she shares. “I cannot list them they are too many, however we are not going to let them stop us.” She was also quick to add that, “We want to experience lots of things we have always wanted to and really want to make a difference on the way.”

You can follow the Fishers on their inspiring family adventure by following them on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube now.

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