This Genius New Crib Mimics the Feel of a Moving Car and Sends Babies Fast to Sleep

Turns out, dreams really do come true: Thanks to the Ford Motor Company, there is now a baby crib that simulates the motion of a moving car to help put your baby to sleep faster.


I mean, how many miles do you think parents put on their cars just from driving endless circles around the block while trying to get their baby or toddler to go to sleep? (Personally, I could have driven coast to coast by now.) But no more: Ford’s new state-of-the-art baby cot — or crib, if you will — mimics the sounds, movement, and yes, even the lights of being in a car at night while driving around. And it has parents everywhere cheering.

Ford motor company baby crib
Image Source: Ford Motor Company

Ford is calling the prototype the MAX Motor Dreams, though right now, it’s still in the works in Cologne, Germany where developers are trying to perfect the invention. And it’s pretty clear they’re confident the MAX will be a hit, after talking to many parents over the years about their habit of driving little ones around in order to get them to go to sleep.

But aside from saving parents’ gas money and mileage, it also has some other cool features. The prototype works with a smartphone app, which will allow parents to create a “nocturnal driving experience” for their baby. The edges of the cot also features small lights that softly glow, while the bed frame gives a gentle sensation of movement and plays an engine-like sound that acts like white noise, helping to lull babies to sleep.

Ford Motor Company Baby Crib Designs
Image Source: Ford Motor Company

There is nothing worse than being an exhausted parent and trying desperately to get a cranky, screaming child to go to sleep. Infants, in particular, require near-masterful skills in deciphering between colic, night and day confusion, upset tummies, hunger, over-tiredness, or just plain old grumpiness. And while every parent certainly has a few original tricks up their sleeves that can magically calm their baby, we’ve all tried the car trick at least once.

Heck, sometimes I make my 7- and 3-year-old climb into the car to “go for a country drive” just so that I can wear them out enough to take a snoozy nap. You do what you gotta do to survive as a parent, amirite? I can just imagine how magical and easy bedtime would have been for my babies had the MAX Motor Dreams existed when my kids were brand new.

The only down-side? The cot only appears to be created in infant sizes, meaning it might not be readily available for parents of toddlers. It also might take you a bit to get your hands on one, since it’s still in the prototype phase and there’s no release date set just yet. But Ford is apparently very serious about marketing these in a big way, and according to NBC, the company’s even considering “full-scale production” due to the high volume of inquiries. (I imagine a quick phone call to Ford couldn’t hurt to bump these brilliant plans along.)

Hmm … I wonder if they’d ever consider making a deluxe version that plays NPR? (I don’t know about you, but those hushed voices never fail to help put my kids to sleep as I creep along my block at 15 miles an hour.)

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