Schools Are Posting Hilarious Signs Welcoming Back Their Fortnite-Obsessed Students

The summer of 2018 was the summer of many things. It was the summer of the royal wedding (and royal baby!). It was the summer of the “In My Feelings” Challenge. And if you have a kid over the age of … oh, say 8 or 9, it was also the summer of Fortnite. (Whether you liked it or not.)

With school-aged kids off for three whole months, parents everywhere were united in the struggle of trying to tear their children from their Xboxes, lest they become one with the couch. Chances are, you were one of them.

Well folks, the Fortnite obsession this summer was not lost on schools — many of which have been rather humorously welcoming students back with signs that aim to comfort Fortnite fanatics.

Unfortunately, they will no longer be able to play 12 straight hours of Fortnite on a random Tuesday. Instead, they’ll be stuck inside a classroom, learning things. The horror!

To let them down gently, Reese Public Schools in Reese, Michigan erected this sign at their front entrance, which reads: FORTNITE DETOX BEGINS AT 8 AM MONDAY. (I can almost hear the collective whimpers now.)

“We love Fortnite,” says Keith Wetters, Superintendent for Reese Public Schools, “but we love having our students back in the classroom learning.”

Jenn Bairos, a middle school French teacher in Canada, feels the same. Bairos teaches grades 6-8, which means she is well acquainted with just how much of a stronghold the game has over tweens. In fact, she and a co-worker recently posted a similar “detox” sign on the front door of their school — to the delight of fellow teachers and parents.

While Fortnite hasn’t exactly interfered in French class (yet), Bairos says it has been a popular topic for themed projects.

“Last year, my students had to make magazines connected to a hobby, and Fortnite was a popular choice for a number of our Grade 6 students!” says Bairos, who also runs the blog A Splendid Messy Life.

For now, she’s just happy her own son isn’t addicted.

“My little guy at home is only 6 years old,” she shares, “so he doesn’t have a Fortnite obsession … yet!”

Strong Vincent Middle School in Eerie, Pennsylvania is also making the rounds on Twitter for this hilarious sign, warning kids that the end of their round-the-clock Fortnite marathons is near …

LOL — sorry kids, but you know what they say: All good things must come to an end. (Or at least be put on hold until 2:30, when 8th period lets out.)

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