4 Sisters Wore Their Wedding Dresses in a Photo Shoot for One Very Special Reason

wedding dresses
Image source: Ashley Sargent Photography

There is something truly enchanting about a wedding gown. As a mom of three boys, I sometimes feel a little heavy-hearted that I will most likely never be able to go wedding dress shopping with a daughter.

After all, it’s moments like those that make parenthood so magical. Single mom Terri McCaffrey, who raised four daughters on her own, must have been having one of those special moments while watching her oldest daughter get married 12 years ago. It was at that time that she came up with a brilliant idea — to one day own a picture that featured all four of her daughters in their wedding gowns.

It was a lofty goal but in the years that followed, two more of McCaffrey’s daughters, Kasey and Skylar, tied the knot. Then, on December 5, 2017, her daughter Nikki was married as well. The four daughters knew that they would now be able to fulfill a long hoped-for wish of their mother’s, so they enlisted the help of photographer Ashley Sargent of Ashley Sargent Photography to make it happen.

wedding dresses
Image source: Ashley Sargent Photography

According to Sargent, the four sisters are “SUPER close and very outgoing” so she knew this would be a fun photo shoot from the start. Some of the women hadn’t worn their wedding gowns in years and I can only imagine how it must have felt to wear them once again. Honestly, I’m not too sure I would even fit into mine again without help from some serious shapewear, so props to them!

One of McCaffrey’s daughters, Kasey Culbert, tells Babble that her dress was “a little snug” but that it felt “great” to wear it again, adding, “I love that dress just as much now as I did on our wedding day. What gal doesn’t want an opportunity to wear her wedding dress again?!”


The four women took a series of photographs in the woods of Alabama that showcased their gorgeous gowns, as well as their individual personalities. In one of the photos, the women each held a prop that represented something about them.

wedding dresses
Image source: Ashley Sargent Photography

The youngest sister Skylar (and the only one with kids) held diapers to represent her babies. She tells Babble that wearing her gown once more was an “amazing” feeling. “I had immediate flashbacks to my wedding day,” she explains, adding, “I didn’t fill it out the way I did back then, but I sure did enjoy getting to wear it once more.” She says that her husband “sure loved the outcome of the shoot” as well. I imagine that this was a special event for the men in these women’s lives, getting to see their brides this way once more.

Also featured in the prop photo was a guitar held by Amber, who loves music, a sword held by Nikki to represent her devotion to her faith, and athletic shoes held by Kasey, who loves to run.

The dresses — like the women — are all unique, but the sisters had one thing in common: deep love and appreciation for the mother who sacrificed much for them.

wedding dresses
Image source: Ashley Sargent Photography

Daughter Nikki Jordan, who was most recently married, tells Babble that her mother is their “rock,” adding, “We just wanted to honor her selflessness and her heart. She has such a genuine heart.”

The daughters presented their mother with the series of photographs on Christmas Day. Daughter Skylar describes, “My mom deserves the world and seeing her reaction when we gifted this photo to her was priceless, yet emotional at the same time.”

It was a culmination of a mother’s wish made long ago, and for four sisters, a chance to honor their mother in a fun and memorable way. “Our journey is unique, and our mom persevered through a lot so having an opportunity to honor her and all she sacrificed for us was so awesome,” says daughter Kasey Culbert. “Plus, we had fun doing it, too!”

Such cherished memories will forever live on in the beautiful photographs that capture the sisters’ love for each other — and the strong woman who raised them.

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