Freshly Picked Unveils ‘Care Bear’-Inspired Moccasins, and We Can Hardly Contain Ourselves

If you were a child of the late ’80s or early ’90s, then chances are you spent a good amount of time glued to the television set, watching Care Bears. The crew of adorable cartoon bears were colorful, unique, and yes, caring. Each one sported their very own signature color, along with a special “belly badge” to let you know what their particular power was.

And now, in honor of their 35th anniversary, the Care Bears are back. (Well, sorta.)

Everyone’s favorite baby shoe company, Freshly Picked, has teamed up with the folks at Care Bears to create a line of impossibly adorable (and insanely nostalgic) baby moccasins. It’s being dubbed the FP x Care Bears Collection, and it’s on sale — drum roll, please — this Thursday, June 22.

And from what we can tell from the Freshly Picked website so far, the styles are pretty dang cute.

Just check out these moccasins inspired by Tenderheart Bear!

image source: freshly picked

And Cheer Bear!

image source: freshly picked

And Funshine Bear!

image source: freshly picked

It’s all SO insanely cute.

image source: freshly picked

We’re even jealous of the ridiculously fun-looking photo shoot these baby models got to take part in …

image source: freshly picked

Don’t know about you, but we might just have to buy up each and every pair, all in the name of nostalgia. (Well played, Freshly Picked.)

h/t: PopSugar

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