Funny Parenting Tweets: Marriage Edition

Funny Tweet: "*watching husband sleep* Me: "I just love him so much, he's my everyth-" *husband snores* Me: I can't live like this"
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First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes funny marriage tweets in 140 characters or less.

Whether you’re altar bound, playing the field, or celebrating your golden anniversary, these funny marriage tweets prove the humor in being hitched is in rewritten romance. So sit back and enjoy a giggle with the funniest marriage truths, tales, and tattles that could only come from better halves.

1. Huffy hubby.

2. Caught while comfy.

3. Til death do us part.

4. Sudsy drama.

5. Please, spare us the details.


6. Take your time.

7. Dun-dun-duuuuuuuuun.

8. Smart move.

9. Cold shower.

10. It’s so over.

11. Best day of our lives.

12. Breakfast of champions.

13. No time to talk.

14. Romance in aisle 3.

15. Super fun.

16. May we suggest a timeless style?

17. Front seat driver.

18. What husbands are really for.

19. Remember me?

20. Wait, husbands don’t count!

21. Who says romance is dead?

22. Asking for a friend.

23. Just so you know …

24. Eager earner.

25. Leftover love.

26. #burnedhairdontcare

27. We don’t get it.

28. Pretty much.

29. Jack Pearson, anyone?

30. Just smile and nod.

31. Nice try.

32. Welcome to our life.

33. Isn’t it romantic?

34. A lot, a lot.

35. C’mon now.

36. That’s hot.


37. It’s the way you said it.

38. It’s a date!

39. Just easier that way.

40. Dinner daydreaming.

41. Fingers crossed!

42. No surprises here.

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