Funniest Parenting Tweets of the Week — 1/13

Image Source: Babble
Image Source: Babble

If you’re a parent with a Twitter account, chances are you tweet about your kids — and often. Some of the things we’ve seen (the good, the bad, and the very, very ugly) are just begging to be shared, and who has the time for more than 140 characters? Not us. So here you go, the funniest tweets from parents on Twitter this week. #yourewelcome

1. Then it’s our time to shine.

2. Woah.

3. Ah, the good old days.

4. That’s gotta hurt.

5. Home is not as comforting as you may think.

6. We don’t think you really mean it.

7. It’s uncanny.

8. Funny how that works.

9. Because we do cry over spilled milk.

10. We’ll try.

11. They must have a sixth sense about these things.

12. Pretty much.

13. Staying up late is just too tempting.

14. Thank God.

15. No wonder our days feel so long.

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