Funniest Parenting Tweets of the Week — 7/13

Why walk just anywhere when you can walk through the pile of crumbs mom just swept?
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If you’re a parent with a Twitter account, chances are you tweet about your kids — and often. Some of the things we’ve seen (the good, the bad, and the very, very ugly) are just begging to be shared, and who has the time for more than 280 characters, anyway? Not us. So here you go — the funniest tweets from parents on Twitter this week. #YoureWelcome

1. Mommy Poppins.

2. Same.

3. Crazyyyyy.

4. *Eats only mac & cheese and pancakes for the rest of eternity*

5. Subtle.

6. Too (un)cool for school.

7. Grrrrrrrr.

8. Every. Time.

9. We’d play it on repeat.

10. 100% accurate.

11. We knew where this was going …

12. Super helpful.

13. But why?

14. Will to clean: crumbled.

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