12 Times Grandparents Used Technology with Hilariously Adorable Results

We like to pride ourselves on our social media savvy. Despite what our kids might say, we know how to share on Instagram and Facebook without completely embarrassing ourselves. But then there are our parents — the generation that wrote letters, kept their private business private, and called a hashtag a “pound sign.”

So what happens when the grandparents of today take to social media? A whole lotta funny.

So sit back, grab that favorite knitted throw from your granny, and prepare to laugh!

1. Grandma likes warm chocolate chip cookies and everlasting text messages.

2. Grandma gives us real reason to smile.

3. Grams is so confident in her skills, she’s giving Facebook lessons.

Good looks Grams #textsfromgrandma

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4. Grandma app-solutely cracks us up!

5. Grandma is not comfortable with the latest Facebook sharing update.

grandparent social media
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6. When grandparents try “speak to text.”

7. Who needs Google when there’s Grandma?

8. But really, grandparents and “speak-to-text” do NOT mix.

9. Some grandparents don’t know the difference between text messages and status updates …

10. We thought dad jokes were funny, but we didn’t even consider grandpa jokes!

11. Grandparents only share the utmost important news.

12. Throw an “imoji” in there — all the kids are doing it these days.

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