27 Funny Tweets from Parents Who Are Already Over Summer

Son's Summer vacation, Day 2: The boy found my secret stash of cookies. You always think you have more time, and I was not prepared ...
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If ever there was a season parents favored as much as they feared, it would have to be summer.

Popsicles, pool parties, vacations, and long, lazy days spell sweet freedom and even sweeter memories for families. But despite all the vacation vibes and golden tans … boredom, endless snacks, and mega messes have been known to make parents sweat more than the summer heat, itself.

Summer may have just began, but for the funny parents of Twitter, losing their cool brings big laughs. Beat the summer heat and dive into these all too relatable tweets!

1. Hot Cross help! 

2. Whatever you need to tell yourself.

3. We’re gonna go with no.

4. Sticky situation.

5. Summer is fun.

6. SOS.

7. He keeps going … and going … and going …

8. Attack of the endless summer snacks.

9. Summer’s a real slam!

10. Typical.

11. Love you, bye!

12. Gets us every time.

13. It’s like they haven’t eaten all year!

14. Is summer fun yet?

15. Summertime, and the livin’ is actually not so easy.

16. “What are we doing today?”

17. The end is near.

18. The kids loved it.

19. Best. Job. Ever.

20. That stinks.

21. We think so.

22. Let us help with that.

23. Truth be told.

24. The great cookie caper.

25. Year-round is onto something.

26. You heard it here first!

27. Have a safe summer.

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