This Woman’s Story About Meeting Her Overly Nice Neighbors Is Hilariously Relatable

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When you move into a new house, there are always the standard items on your checklist: Freshen up the paint — check. Make 47 trips to Target for stuff you don’t need — check. Look for funky stains — check. And of course, meet your new neighbors. (Eeeeeek!)

One woman managed to capture one hilariously relatable downside to meeting new neighbors this week — and her story must be shared.

According to her now-viral post, Tumblr user Cat and her wife moved into a holiday house in the South West of England. They were barely settled in when they bumped into their new neighbors “within minutes” of moving in. A perfectly lovely couple who will forever be known as “Mr. and Mr. Nice.”

“Basically, I am unsettled and am now having to enter into an arms race of niceness,” Cat explained of the arrangement. “I am already so behind oh god.”

Cat goes on to describe in painful detail all the things these two gentlemen have done on their behalf (without being prompted), which include but aren’t limited to the following:

“ – Bought us a seagull proof refuse bag (yes, they are actual things)

– Invited us around for Friday night drinks so we could meet the other people on the land

– One of them brought me a bunch of sweetpea flowers that he picked from his garden

– And tomorrow he’s coming to cut our hedge for us with his electric hedge trimmer thing idk, and all I have to do is hold the ladder.”

She explained that she now felt compelled to enter “an arms race of niceness.” One which she and her wife were now clearly far, far behind in.

She hilariously summed up their experience up in a way all of us can relate to:

“Long story short, I just baked a lemon drizzle cake, and it looks great but I can’t even eat it because MR AND MR NICE MUST RECEIVE AN OFFERING.”

As a parent of three lovely children myself, I can completely relate to this on so many levels. I have felt the heat of competition at school-related events where I have zero desire to add value, but feel compelled to because EVERYONE ELSE IS and I will look like a slacker if I don’t contribute. The struggle is also so real when I bring my kid to their friend’s house for the first time and the mom has a lunch prepared with every food group available and all potential sharp corners cushioned. (Meanwhile, I strategically hide the Totinos Party Pizza I bought as a strange donation to the event behind my back.)

Listen, nothing about meeting new people is easy, especially when they are clearly more prepared for the event than you are. But luckily, all’s well that ends well. Cat later posted on Tumblr that the two couples are still in touch and seem to be on pretty lovely terms.

“They didn’t move far away, so we go visit every six weeks or so, and they came to ours over Christmas,” she shared.

See? Sometimes making an extra effort pays off, both in the form of lifelong friends and pristinely trimmed hedges.

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