Photographer Honors Dads Everywhere By Capturing Everyday Moments in Fatherhood

A dad sits at the kitchen table with his two kids, Uno cards are tossed in the air.
Image Source: Giedre Gomes of Pictures by GG

Last month, photographer Giedre Gomes of Pictures by GG held a photo shoot that showed what life as a SAHM really looks like. The images weren’t staged, or posed. They were real — dirty diapers and all. And the Internet loved ’em. Now, in honor of Father’s Day, Gomes decided it was time for dads to take the spotlight. So she held a photoshoot to capture what a day in the life of a dad is really like.

The images, which are now going viral too, are priceless.

A father plays a video game while simultaneously holding his baby and balancing their bottle with his chin.
Image Source: Giedre Gomes of Pictures by GG

“I wanted to make a photo series to honor great dads, fathers that are involved in their children’s lives,” Gomes wrote in an article for Bored Panda. “With the help of my husband, my friends, and neighbors I was able to create this project just in time for Father’s Day.”

Gomes, a Cedar Lake, Indiana photographer who grew up in Lithuania, wanted to capture as many different types of dads as she could, and portray the realities of fatherhood in all its nuances.

“It’s funny how different they all are but at the end they love their children unconditionally,” wrote Gomes.

And the pictures speak for themselves.

A father sits patiently as his four children apply makeup to his face.
Image Source: Giedre Gomes of Pictures by GG

From a dad surrounded by his four young children as he gets his hair and makeup done, to a dad peeing outside with his boys, the images are authentic, diverse, and show nothing but love.

Gomes’ photos also show all the little, everyday ways dads are involved in their kids’ lives — even if it means laying on the couch drinking a beer while the kids drink their bottles.

Of course, there are also some adorable bath time shots in there and, perhaps the cutest of all, a bathroom photo of dad on the toilet with his twin boys sitting on their toddler potties next to him. (And they’re all playing on phones because like father like son, right?)

A dad lays on the couch with his twin babies. He sips a beer as they sip their bottles.
Image Source: Giedre Gomes of Pictures by GG

Other images include kids swimming, playing basketball, fishing, lifting weights, and playing video games — all while bonding with their fathers.

Gomes tells Babble that she brainstormed ideas for the photo shoot in advance, but you never know what to expect with babies and toddlers in tow. For example, she says the dad giving the kids a bath actually has six kids, and she planned on putting the youngest three in the bath, but one wouldn’t cooperate, so they went with two.

“I think all dads that are involved in their children’s lives are great dads,” shares Gomes. “They are all doing their best, the best way they know how. We all were raised differently and are raising our kids differently. As long as you love your child and will do anything for him, you are a fantastic dad!”

A dad helps his son make a basket by lifting him in the air to be closer to the basketball hoop.
Image Source: Giedre Gomes of Pictures by GG

Gomes also tells Babble that it was important to her to show a diverse group of fathers, and adds, “There are so many amazing adoptive dads and step fathers out there. You don’t have to be a biological father to be a great dad.”

The photo montage includes dads of different races and ethnicities, as well as a gay couple who have a little girl. But all of them have one thing in common: They love their kids more than life itself and value the bond of fatherhood above all else.

Two dads sit playing with their daughter. All three are wearing tiaras.
Image Source: Giedre Gomes of Pictures by GG

From playing sports, to hooking a fish, to getting a manicure, there are lots of life lessons a father teaches his kids. And these images capture just some of the good ones.

Happy Father’s Day to all the awesome dads out there who are killing it at fatherhood!

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