What Life as a Stay-at-Home Mom Really Looks Like

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Image Source: Giedre Gomes / Pictures by GG

If you’re in the photography business, you may capitalize on holidays like Mother’s Day with dreamy shots of moms skipping through meadows in flowing white dresses, toddlers kissing their bellies, and little girls picking flowers. And there’s nothing wrong with that — those pictures are gorgeous. But one mom and photographer took a different approach this year, and instead did a photo shoot of what mom life is really like. And the reality is, it ain’t no frolicking in a field.

Originally from Lithuania, Giedre Gomes is a 35-year-old mom of two boys: Mario, 5, and Rocco, 3. She and her husband now live in Cedar Lake, Indiana where she is a stay-at-home mom and photographer at Pictures by GG.

“I wanted to show the reality, the routine, the everyday life of stay home moms who ‘don’t work,'” Gomes tells Babble.

And that’s just what her beautiful and incredibly relatable photo shoot captured.

mom and child
Image Source: Giedre Gomes / Pictures by GG

“I absolutely love being a mom,” she shared on Bored Panda. “It’s the best job in the world. I am a mom of two boys and love them to pieces, but motherhood is not always all rainbows and butterflies.

Motherhood is not remembering what it’s like to get a full night’s sleep, wiping more poop than you ever thought you’d see in your life. Motherhood is no longer having privacy, never peeing or showering in peace. Motherhood is using your shirt to wipe runny noses and dirty faces. Motherhood is learning how to do everything with one hand while carrying a baby in another. Motherhood is waking up with a little butt or foot in your face.”

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Image Source: Giedre Gomes / Pictures by GG

Her list goes on to include:

“Motherhood is breastfeeding whenever wherever. Motherhood is yoga pants and bad hair day. Motherhood is no longer shopping alone. Motherhood is having a filthy car all the time. Motherhood is not being able to call in sick because it’s a 24/7 job without a paycheck.”

What an accurate description of the reality that is #momlife. And the pictures are just as real. Gomes herself and her friends are the models (moms) captured in images that we can’t help but identify with.

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Image Source: Giedre Gomes / Pictures by GG

“I also wanted to show that stay home moms don’t sleep all day,” she shares with Babble. “Many people think, ‘Oh good for you, you are home all day, you don’t have to work.’”

Ugh, don’t you love hearing that? Because the truth of SAHM life is that we work all day long (and sometimes through the night).

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Image Source: Giedre Gomes / Pictures by GG

In fact, Gomes says her husband got a taste of just how hard being a SAHM is recently when she left him with her kids for eight hours. She said he flooded her with text messages saying, “Where are you, I love you, come home, we need you, how do you do it every day, bring me beer, please, I need it.” And after that long day, he admitted to her, “Your job is so much harder than mine” (and he works 12 hour shifts).

That’s why this photo shoot is so powerful. It shows moms playing with their kids, doing laundry, cleaning, and even hiding in the bathroom. Other pics show a mom wiping her kid’s nose with her own shirt, getting visitors while she’s in the shower, and wrangling toddlers and babies while shopping. Never stopping, never getting a break, never getting a moment of privacy — yet still expected to do all the things.

As a mom who has been in the trenches of SAHM life for nearly 10 years, I could not love these pictures more. Because just as much as I have treasured my days (and years) of playing on the floor with my kids, entertaining them while I shopped at Target, cooking them their favorite mac and cheese, and breastfeeding them whenever they were hungry, it has truly been 100 million times harder than I ever imagined it could be.

And that’s all we really want for Mothers Day, isn’t it? A little “Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! Thanks for wiping me with one hand while I tell you all about Paw Patrol while you also breastfeed my sister while you’ve got dinner cooking on the stove that I’ll probably refuse to eat. Love you!”

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