Girl Forges Hilarious Note to Parents About Extended Holiday Vacation

Girl Forges Hilarious Note to Parents About Extended Holiday Vacation” originally appeared on Yahoo Parenting and was reprinted with permission.

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One young girl who wasn’t ready to go back to school after the holidays forged a letter to her parents that is getting a lot of attention online.

According to the mother, who posted the note on Reddit, her 7-year-old daughter delivered the letter from the “school compnay” to inform her parents that school would be closed another week. “My daughter got the mail today (it’s Sunday),” the mom, who goes by the username locke-in-a-box, wrote. “Apparently, they have another week off school.”

Image Source: Yahoo Parenting
Image Source: Reddit user locke-in-a-box via Yahoo Parenting

The letter, full of adorable misspellings, said that this year, the holidays would go on a bit longer. “The school compnay is taking a brake so the kids will get one more week of school off and we will need your child to sign their name here,” the letter said. The young girl signed her name, Cara G., on the indicated line and even included a pink stamp of Rapunzel from Disney’s Tangled at the bottom of the note.

The post has gotten more than 1,600 comments on Reddit, with plenty of users sharing their own stories of trying to get out of school back in the day. “I did something similar as a young kid, and thought I was so clever,” wrote one user. “I signed my teacher’s name at the bottom and everything. My mom read the letter, then asked me if I would do her a quick favor. She asked me to go grab the dictionary and look up the definition of ‘forgery.’ I’d never felt so defeated in my life.”

Another user wrote that her son tried to pull a similar fast one. “My son did this very same thing when he was little, so I took the extra holiday (only one day not a whole week) to take him to the doctor to get his updated immunizations done,” she wrote. “He got to spend 4 hours sitting in the waiting room, got his shots, and then got home right as the unfortunate kids that weren’t granted a holiday were getting off the school bus. He learned his lesson.”

Plenty of users were impressed by Cara G.’s creativity, noting her impressive use of a “notary” stamp and some proper grammar. “I don’t think she needs school anymore. She knows how to use the correct ‘your’ and ‘their,’ she’s already doing better than most,” commented one user.

The young girl’s mother responded to the comment, acknowledging her daughter’s smarts. “She’s seven,” the mom wrote. “With proper stationery and computer skills, years from now I’m in trouble.”

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