8-Year-Old Builds Incredible Fairy House with Her Grandfather

At first glance, Isabella “Bella” Snyder may seem like your average third-grade girl. She loves to dance, read — her favorite book is Charlotte’s Web — go to school, and be with her friends. But this 8-year-old has a secret talent:

She’s a Fairy House Engineer.

With a little help from her Papa Jim, Bella designed and built an incredible Fairy House that comes complete with cobblestone pathways, a butterfly garden, and a teeny-tiny mailbox for exchanging secret notes with her mythical woodland friends.

Bella Snyder and her fairy house
Image Source: Amanda Snyder

When Bella was in second grade, there was a special door in her classroom designed to let fairies in. After seeing this “Fairy Door,” she was determined to recreate this welcoming experience for fairies to enter her own home.

Her and her mother, Amanda, 31, an oncology RN, did their research and soon discovered that all that they needed was the door, a little fairy dust, and a note to entice their very own fairy. Luckily, Bella already had an ongoing friendship with fairy, Pixie Peppersprite. In fact, she decided to add a mailbox to this door so they could send each other secret notes.

Sadly, however, the door eventually broke.

So it was no surprise that when her family (including her parents, two big brothers, Austin, 13, and Logan, 11, and older sister MacKenzie, 11) moved into their new house, Bella had her heart set on welcoming in another fairy with style.

But this time, instead of just a door, she was going to build her own full-on fairy house!

rustic fairy house
Image Source: Amanda Snyder

Together with her grandfather, James Greenwood, a Merchant Marine Engineer, Bella started dreaming up a design for the house. After sharing some of her ideas with Papa and introducing him to Pinterest, things really took off.

“Papa Jim may have gotten carried away,” explains Bella.

Bella Snyder and Papa James Greenwood
Image Source: Amanda Snyder

Bella worked diligently on the fairy house for several weeks. The house is actually fully operational with a functional lantern, a prospect that Bella notes was a bit of a challenge at first.

“The hardest part was when we bought the lantern for the porch and tried to connect the wires to the battery pack and it wouldn’t work,” she says. “My Papa Jim fixed it though and it works!”

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In total, her mom says that the entire house cost about $40 to build, which is a bargain if you compare it to some of the going rates in fairy real estate these days. Originally intended to be kept outside, the house itself and surrounding gardens are much too pretty, so Bella has decided to keep it in her room. She explains that she is “very happy” with her fairy house, because it was her own concept and creation.

teeny-tiny mailbox for exchanging secret notes
Image Source: Amanda Snyder

And now, for the moment of truth … did the fairy house work? I am happy to report, that it did.

The fairy house has been such a hit in the fairy world that a fairy has already moved in — a sprightly fella named Robin, also known as Puck.

“He usually comes at night after everyone is asleep if Bella leaves the light on for him and every once in a while he will leave a note for Bella in the mailbox!” explains mom.

Bella notes that it’s OK that her only fairy so far is a boy, because she is hopeful that word will quickly spread to all the other fairies. “There is room for more,” she says. “It’s a perfect rustic house made just for fairies.”

We would have to agree.

fairies welcome
Image Source: Amanda Snyder
Article Posted 1 year Ago

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