11-Year-Old Makes the Greatest Case Ever to Her Parents for Getting a Family Cat

Eleven-year-old Romesa from San Antonio, Texas knew she wanted a cat, even though her parents weren’t hot on the idea. So she decided to put pressure on them in a way they couldn’t ignore.

According to Buzzfeed, she laid out her case (point by point!) for why her parents should get her a cat, which her older sister Rimsha later posted on Twitter, getting over 3K likes and 1.4K retweets. When all was said and done, her “report” spanned six pages.

Complete with photos, statistics, and bullet points, Romesa wrote an entire essay on the subject, as if she’d been practicing law for years after getting her degree from Google U.

cat letter
Image Source: Rimsha (Twitter: @sassysamosa)

The report begins like a letter-meets-research-outline: “To mom and dad: Why I would love a cat, Benefits of having cats, and fixing problems.”

She then hits them with the straight-up facts behind why cats rock. Such as: “CATS SAVE LIVES. People are 40 percent less likely to die from a heart attack if they own a cat.” (Who knew?)

“They help our mood and stress,” Romesa continues. “Fifteen to 30 minutes of quality time with cats can reduce anger, stress and anxiety.” (Honestly, I’m starting to think I need one of these things myself.)

And here’s the kicker …

cat letter
Image Source: Rimsha (Twitter: @sassysamosa)

According to Romesa’s report, cats can warn you about seizures. (Say what?!) It’s true— “It is scientifically proven that cats have an ability to detect biochemical scents, which occur when a human is about to have a seizure,” she writes. “Cats will immediately warn you BEFORE it happens.”

Don’t we all feel safer already?

Furthermore, Romesa makes the excellent point that a cat would “help get me off my electronics,” and even invokes the Prophet Muhammad by gently reminding her parents that he “always fed cats and helped them out.” (She’s definitely pulling no punches here.)

Romesa’s report was later shared on Twitter by her sister, where it quickly went viral and drummed up a ton of support for her cause, with people dying to know the outcome.

“I just followed u to keep up with this,” wrote one commenter. “I need to know if she gets a cat! You will let us know, right? BTW my 3 adopted cats are #TeamRomesa.”

Another couldn’t get over how well she played the religion card.

“She’s so legit on the prophet thing,” they tweeted. “How clever she is to use this card. I only dreamed when I was her age, now I have 14 cats. Lol.”

Indeed, Romesa doesn’t look like someone you’d want to debate — because she would own you at your own game. And we can only hope that this level of effort is rewarded. Best of luck to this little lady and her dream of finally getting her furry friend.

h/t: Buzzfeed

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