7 Firemen Who All Had Babies in the Same Year Celebrate with Perfectly Staged Photo Shoot

firefighters and babies
Image Source: Sarah Hutchinson

The families of Glenpool Fire Department have seven big reasons to celebrate.

On May 20th, Oklahoma mother of two Sarah Hutchinson shared one of the most adorable photos I’ve ever seen.

“Don’t drink the water at GFD,” she playfully wrote in her now-viral Facebook post.

Next to her words is an image that will give you all the feels. Seven firefighters, dressed in their uniforms, are holding their babies — all born within a year of each other!

Hutchinson’s sweet photo was completely planned, thanks to inspiration from Pinterest. After mom Alyssa Shanks shared the concept with the other fire wives of Glenpool Fire Department who had recently given birth, they all quickly agreed to do a photo shoot at the station. Shanks even made matching onesies for all the little tots!

“Each baby has their daddy’s last name and badge number on their onesie,” Hutchinson tells Babble.

circle of babies
Image Source: Avery Dykes

Are you swooning yet?!

As you can imagine, wrangling seven babies took some effort, but photo shoot organizer Avery Dykes was up for the challenge. A teacher and mom to four children, she managed to summon up the patience to get the job done. And it certainly helped to have six other mamas on hand to keep the kiddos in line!

“Almost half of them are at a crawling age, so we had to act fast,” Hutchinson says. “It might have been like trying to herd cats, but we got it done!”

And of course, there was one wild child who wanted to stand out from the rest.

“Little Cohen is the cute rebel in the picture that didn’t want to lay down with the rest of the babies,” the mom shares. “But what can you expect?”

fire wives
Image Source: Sarah Hutchinson

While the photo shoot was planned, the timing of the seven pregnancies was not. Each couple was nearing the point of wanting to either create or add to their family. And as each mama learned she was pregnant, the collective response from their community was incredibly emotional.

“A couple of the fire wives had struggled with getting pregnant before this mini baby boom had started,” Hutchinson tells Babble. “As a friend, it’s heartbreaking to see them want something so bad. So you can just imagine the excitement and emotions we had for each other when we found out about these pregnancies!”

The bond between the fire wives at Glenpool is enough to make you happy cry. And the miracle births of these seven babies has only brought them closer. But Hutchinson wants to make it very clear that the connection between these women goes well past motherhood.

“The Glenpool fire wives have a very unique bond,” she says. “And I’m not just speaking for the moms. All of the other GFD wives are tight-knitted as well. I’m very thankful for our little community.”

Beyond the support of these amazing women, Hutchinson loves how much her husband Dusty has her back. He spends his days working tirelessly for their family, and always manages to come home ready to be an awesome dad and partner.

“Dusty is an amazing father to our girls,” she shares. “They have him completely wrapped around their fingers. Not only is he rocking being a dad, but he is one of the most hardworking men I have ever known.”

And while her hubby bravely faces each challenging day with his job, Hutchinson is courageously holding down the fort at home. And in my opinion, both gigs are equally heroic!

“I’ve been blessed to be a stay at home mom, and I couldn’t think of a better job,” she tells Babble.

Congratulations to the Glenpool Fire Department for adding a major burst of cuteness into the world this year!

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